10 Clever Hacks for Boosting Bar Business

10 Clever Hacks for Boosting Bar Business

Whether your bar is thriving, on shaky ground or somewhere in between, every bar owner is constantly on the lookout for new tricks and strategies to improve their business. Here are 10 clever hacks to boost your bar business 365 days a year.

1)  Offer daily drink specials:

Your guests want to save money on their entertainment, and the more they save, the more they’ll come back into your bar. Don’t make your customers wait until the weekend or a holiday to take advantage of drink specials. Offer them daily. With the right discounting strategy, regular specials won’t cut into your profits.

2)  Feature nightly entertainment:

Whether it’s a live band, special DJ or live trivia events, offering nightly entertainment will give your customers something regular to look forward to in your bar.

3)  Make it social:

Involve your customers in the action happening in your bar by taking it to social media. Share fun videos, photos and tweets from your bar to let your customers and fans that aren’t there know what they’re missing.

4)  Leverage email campaigns to create buzz:

Email marketing is a creative and cost-effective way to increase awareness and buzz for your bar. Spread the word with exclusive email offers, special announcements and event highlights to stay top of mind with your customers and fans.

5)  Get creative with polls and surveys:

Ask your customers and fans for their opinions and then turn their answers into a fun game in your bar with our OpinioNation LIVE. This new survey-based  game polls random people with fun questions to find out what they are thinking and then asks teams playing in bars and restaurants across the U.S. and Canada what the #1 response is to each question.

6)  Give away prizes:

Add excitement to your bar atmosphere by giving customers chances to win fun prizes whether as part of a contest or loyalty program. Your customers will love being able to win prizes, and they will keep coming back for more chances to win.

7)  Have more fun with theme nights:

Your guests will love special theme nights and a chance to get dressed in costume for the occasion. Some ideas: Halloween, 70s, 80s, James Bond, summer beach theme. Anything goes.

8)  Reinvent your drink menu:

Don’t wait an entire year to change up your drink menu. Drink trends are happening all of the time and as the seasons change, it’s the ideal opportunity to add new flair to your drink menu. Give your guests new things to look forward to trying.

9)  Bring on the apps:

Add some excitement and diversity to your drink menu with an extensive appetizer menu to boot. Appetizers can be an inexpensive, yet important, way to keep your hungry bar guests happy.

10)  Treat every guest like a VIP:

This goes without saying, but your customers will remember that you went the extra mile to make sure they had a great experience and felt special in your bar. Personal and attentive service is key to your bar’s success.

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