10 Cool Pizza Restaurant Design Ideas

1.  Bringing the Outside In

What do you do with an edgy location?  If you’re a pizzeria named Dough, you pull the edge inside.  Dough establishes itself as a well-worn part of its urban community with exposed brick walls, concrete floors and pasted-up posters.  The result?  Raw.  Simple.  Relaxed.

2.  Shiver Me Timbers

The UK city of Plymouth is home to the Royal Navy.  It’s also home to Pizza Express, which has doffed its hat in the form of a maritime theme. Here, you’ll find wavy walls, shiver-me-timbers timber, and a large rose “tattooed” right on the woodwork.

3.  Dark and Eclectic Comfort

Right smack in the heart of Shanghai you’ll find Matto Bar and Pizzeria, a mash-up of the organic and the industrial, the dark and the playful.  The idea?  Create an environment as surprising and comfortable as the food.

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