2014 Trends Point Towards Increased Technology Integration

2014 Trends Point Towards Increased Technology Integration

Tech-savvy diners expect elegant solutions that work. But for restaurants that can get it right, integrating technology that makes customers happy and turns tables faster is a no-brainer. With all of the day to day operations that are necessary for a concept to run smoothly, the last thing an owner needs to worry about is whether or not the technology that they are using is going to operate as it should. The technology should support, enhance, and enable operators to focus on the other important aspects of their concept.

At the Texas Restaurant Association Show, restaurant owners and managers were buzzing about one company leading the trend in integrating online, loyalty, mobile and point-of-sale – Granbury Solutions with its Thr!ve technology suite. This suite received exceptionally high ratings from the restaurant owner group for providing a simple, easy-to-learn system that empowers operators to take control of their business with powerful management tools. The Thr!ve suite of products ties all your technology together.

Granbury Solutions is one of the key players in the POS technology space and at the forefront of this evolution of technology. Granbury Solutions specializes in technology solutions from POS to enterprise management and online ordering to restaurant marketing. They provide customers with end-to-end technology solutions and superior service.

“The Thr!ve suite of products provides all your business needs seamlessly integrated into one solution. Your restaurant will be positioned to compete and grow like never before,” says Tom Bronson, CEO of Granbury Solutions. “Thr!ve gives you all the power of a sophisticated POS in an affordable, mobile package,” he added.

Thr!ve is a fully-functional POS system on a tablet. It is fully integrated with business building tools such as online ordering, mobile apps, loyalty, marketing and enterprise reporting. Inside your restaurant, the Thr!ve suite of products ensures accurate orders, tracks your cash flow, helps you manage employees, and provides you the information you need to manage your business.

Since Thr!ve is a browser-based system, it is fast and reliable. The data is stored locally and not in the cloud. This solution provided peace of mind to restaurant owners at the Texas Restaurant Association show, who expressed concern about cloud and internet dependability and security.

“Thr!ve is the way to compete with the big guys. It will impact all areas of your restaurant: bottom line, customer service, efficiency, and growth. The restaurant owners I talked with today were very excited about what Thr!ve could mean for them,” said Fred Dilkes, Vice President for Granbury Solutions.”

A leading provider of restaurant technology to the pizza, delivery, specialty coffee, quick serve and casual dining markets, Granbury Solutions markets the Thr!ve Point-of-Sale and Coffee Shop Manager solutions. Granbury also serves wineries and tasting rooms nationwide with its WineWare software. Granbury offers a full enterprise solution including point-of-sale, back office management, business intelligence, online & smart phone ordering, kiosk self serve solutions, and customer loyalty. Learn more about Granbury Solutions at www.granburyrs.com.