2015 Restaurant Tech Trends

2015 Restaurant Tech TrendsYou probably use technology in many parts of your restaurant business, but what’s on the horizon? How will restaurants be using technology in the coming year? It’s no surprise that technology is becoming even more important to the restaurant experience. Here are a few things you can expect to see in 2015.

Tablet ordering.

You might already have tablets at your tables, but they’ll become even more useful in 2015 as many restaurants begin using them for ordering. If customers have ever complained about waiting for service from your busy servers, you can see why ordering on tablets is so attractive. It keeps customers happy and helps out your employees. And, just as importantly, the less time customers spend waiting, the faster you can turn tables—and get more business.

Facial recognition software.

It might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but did you know that some services actually use facial recognition software to let bar-goers decide which bars to hit up? As The Guardian reports, SceneTap installs cameras in bars and lets customers know things like the ages and genders of patrons. If that sounds a little too crazy, there’s also a more practical use for facial recognition software: by using Google Glass, bartenders can quickly find customers in a crowd.

Ordering online.

Of course, many restaurants already allow customers to order online. For quick service or fast casual restaurants, this can be a convenient way to keep customers happy. But in 2015, ordering online will be even more prevalent. More restaurants will develop apps that allow customers to order before they even get to the restaurant. In fact, McDonald’s is testing an order-ahead and mobile payment app. If one of the most successful restaurant chains has an app, you can be sure that even more restaurants will be quick to follow.

Apple Pay.

Who needs credit cards or cash when you can pay with just a touch on an iPhone? Apple Pay isn’t everywhere yet, but it’s gaining popularity. McDonald’s, Subway, and Panera are already using it…is your restaurant next?

Personalized experiences.

Apple Pay and other similar applications will make it easier to personalize customer orders. Collecting data from customer orders can help you remember customer names, their previous orders, and any other pertinent information you need to create the best possible customer experience.

Keep an eye out for these tech trends in 2015. Have you already seen some of these in your restaurant?

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