2016 MFHA African American/Black Leadership Ad Pays Tribute to a Record 46 Honorees

2016 MFHA African American/Black Leadership Ad Pays Tribute to a Record 46 Honorees

2016 MFHA African American/Black Leadership Ad Pays Tribute to a Record 46 HonoreesIf the MFHA Multicultural Leadership Tribute ad is one of the foodservice & hospitality industry’s indicators of senior leadership diversity, the average 49% increase in honorees over the past 5 years on the African American/Black tribute, is an encouraging sign. This 2016, MFHA completes the tribute with its largest number of participation at 46 honorees, with job titles ranging from President to Director. The honorees represent American Blue Ribbon Holdings, Aramark, Ben E. Keith, Brinker, Bob Evans Farms, Chick-fil-A, Cintas, The Coca-Cola Company, Compass Group, Cracker Barrel, Darden, Denny’s, Golden Corral, Firehouse Subs, Gordon Food Service, Hospitality Solutions Group, Johnson & Wales University, Kellogg Company, Legal Seafoods, Marriott International, McDonald’s Corp, OTG, PepsiCo, Red Lobster, Sodexo, Starbucks Coffee Company, TGI Fridays, and YUM! Brands.

MFHA is the recognized acronym for The Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance, the only non-profit association that focuses on building Cultural Intelligence for the collective foodservice & hospitality industry. Since 2010, MFHA has been publishing tribute ads during the different Heritage months, to recognize multicultural talent in senior leadership positions.   It has also added a Multicultural Allies edition in 2012, to recognize multicultural talent career advocates.

“We are certainly happy in seeing increased participation each year. If space were limitless, we would have had more; it’s certainly a nice problem to have,“ shares MFHA President & Founder, Gerry A. Fernandez.   Gerry conceived the tribute ad after being inspired by the late Ernest “Ernie” H. Royal , former NRA Board Member, who overcame discrimination and opened a restaurant that became one of New England’s most celebrated dining places.

MFHA has been advocating for careers for people of color in the foodservice & hospitality industry since 1996. Adds Gerry: “We have always known that career opportunities in this industry are highly likely. As an industry, we simply have to do better at promoting career success stories that are authentic and relatable. A lot more work needs to be done to attract top multicultural talent and to ensure that their career development is at the forefront of the industry’s human resources and training agenda. There are also more players, more brands in the industry today that are just beginning their Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. These companies need guidance and encouragement in moving in the right direction. This is where MFHA can help.”

For information on how your executives can be part of the MFHA Multicultural Leadership Tribute ad, call 401-461-6342 or email lfitz@mfha.net.

The 2016 Black tribute, as well as other Heritage ads, may be downloaded from:


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