4 Benefits of Using Technology in Your Restaurant

Technology has many benefits. We all use it everyday in our homes and at work to better our lives and drive our experience.

In the restaurant industry, tech is trending upwards and at a steady rate. What used to be considered a gimmick is now required as more and more people interact with their own personal gadgets, especially mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. These new uses for technology affect the industry on and off the restaurant floor as owners look to make cost-saving decisions and take full advantage of the resources they have available.

Tech is not going anywhere, so here are some options to better utilize the opportunities technology can provide to your business:

  1. Time Management:  Applications like ShiftZen and Open Table can help any restaurant manager make better use of their time. Spreading yourself thin trying to regulate a multitude of moving parts can be difficult for any one person to do.
  2. Communication:  One of the most frustrating parts of business is when important information does not reach the appropriate audience. Keeping your staff, as well as your customers, on the same page is imperative to a well-run establishment.
  3. Advertising:  Smartphone usage is higher than it has ever been, making it easier to directly interact with your audience. Social Media used effectively can be an invaluable tool to building your brand and engaging your customers. Signing up for the service is FREE (sans Paid Advertising) but the time spent can be a money-making channel you may not have considered before.
  4. Entertainment:  Visitors who come to your restaurant are looking for a unique experience. As visitors become more accustom to connecting their experience with their mobile devices, bringing mobile entertainment is another great way to engage your customers. Many restaurants have begun using tablets for checking in at tables, ordering food, but also playing games and watching television all from the comfort of their table.

Each year, new advancements in technology attempt to make our lives smoother, faster, and more convenient. Don’t hesitate to try them in your restaurant to see what works for you.

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