9Fold Liberates Restaurants Across America By Putting Them In Control of Their Online Ordering At A Flat Rate…Game Changer

9Fold Liberates Restaurants Across America By Putting Them In Control of Their Online Ordering At A Flat Rate...Game Changer

9Fold is a New York based Restaurant Marketing & Online Ordering company that delivers an enterprise online ordering system to restaurants throughout North America and the UK that is revolutionizing the way the industry does business.

Giants like Seamless, Grub Hub and Delivery.com dominate the online ordering space and have created a standard in the marketplace that have restaurants paying commissions on every order.  During an era of cost cutting and sky rocketing inflation, restaurants are struggling to make ends meet within the confines of this model even with the high volume of orders pumped in through portals.

What these companies have done well is make online ordering the norm.  In the technology age online/mobile ordering is a natural evolution but stats show that 80% of people order from the same restaurants repeatedly; making it increasing difficult to justify paying commissions on repeat business when restaurants can sell and market directly to their customers.

9Fold’s flat fee online ordering system gives customers an alternative to ordering their favorite food. Restaurants are able to wean off the costly middle-man directory, eliminate per sale commissions and process their own transitions in real time (another score for restaurants who won’t have to wait for a monthly check from big box online ordering companies).   While the major portals have popularized online ordering, research shows that 68% of people interviewed prefer to order their food directly from the restaurant website.

9Fold is not competing with the portals but simply changing the game and leveling the playing field. With the customer and restaurant owner in mind 9Fold is providing restaurants with another revenue channel that encourages a relationship with their customers by offering exclusive offers, incentives and the ability to directly communicate.  The system was designed to promote not only their take out/delivery business but also their catering, dine-in and events all powered by the 9Fold built in marketing tools.

For restaurants interested in maintaining their independence, setting up their own online ordering system is an imperative in the new age of dining.

To learn more about 9fold visit their website at www.9fold.me or call 212-706-0785.