A Swathe of New Denver Restaurants Switch to New Reservation System Eveve

A Swathe of New Denver Restaurants Switch to New Reservation System EveveEstablishments Follow Early Adopters Charcoal and Old Major.

A Swathe of New Denver Restaurants Switch to New Reservation System EveveTimothy Ryan, CEO and President of global online restaurant reservation leader EVEVE, announced today that they have now inked 20 exclusive deals in Denver, building upon existing relationships with some of the city’s most critically acclaimed restaurants such as Charcoal, Sushi Den and Old Major. The latest additions include the likes of The Fresh Fish Company, Curtis Club, The Berkshire, Cedar Creek, Yanni’s, Nocturne Jazz and Supper Club, Nonna’s, and l’Atelier.

“We’re succeeding in Denver for the same reasons we’ve become a significant supplier of online reservations in Minneapolis/St. Paul and Houston, and gained market share in 27 states around the country – we don’t hit restaurant owners with the expensive per cover fees of OpenTable,” said Eveve’s Ryan.

“OpenTable hasn’t been financially or technologically feasible for many of its Denver clients for years but restaurant owners haven’t felt there was a viable alternative,” said Ryan. “Now that Denver restaurant owners are getting the chance to become familiar with our much more affordable pricing model, superior technology and the ability to regain control of their marketing destiny and customer relationships,” added Ryan, “We are beginning to see the same type of growth that has allowed us to become the majority supplier of online restaurant bookings in the Twin Cities”.

“Charcoal Restaurant’s strategy is to control its own branding and marketing versus simply being listed along with hundreds of other restaurants in an aggregator site like OpenTable” says Sarah DuVal, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, for Charcoal Restaurant. “With the cost savings, we have been able to launch a new web site, engage in more customer relations marketing, and even create a new video series of Charcoal Restaurant,” says DuVal.   “The video alone has been viewed by thousands on our Facebook page in just a few days” added DuVal.

“There is a growing belief that Eveve is the way of the future for restaurant reservations and that the online reservation industry’s Goliath has finally met its David”, said Ryan.   “We succeeded in toppling Goliath in Minneapolis/St. Paul and Houston and we feel we are on the verge of doing it right here in Denver,” said Ryan.

“Our business experienced explosive growth in 2014 and we’ve now emerged as the only true challenger in North America to OpenTable and we’re poised to continue this growth throughout Denver and the Mountain West,” said Ryan.   “2014 was a record year for us,” said Ryan.   “We booked our five millionth online diner in January, while our annual bookings grew by 68% our revenues by 58%.”

“We serve clients in 27 states and two Canadian provinces and are particularly compelling when it comes to high volume and fine dining restaurants which typically have a greater depth of requirement,” said Ryan.   Eveve is the largest independently owned restaurant reservations supplier in the world.

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