AccuData Integrated Marketing Launches AccuValid, a Self-Service Email Verification Solution

AccuData Integrated Marketing Launches AccuValid, a Self-Service Email Verification Solution

AccuData Integrated Marketing Launches AccuValid, a Self-Service Email Verification SolutionAccuData Integrated Marketing, one of the most established marketing data providers in the U.S., announced today that it has launched a new self-service email verification solution called AccuValid.

The new online tool allows users to improve the performance of their email marketing by determining the validity of email addresses in their database. Available simply by registering at, the easy solution provides validation for email address lists of any size.

AccuValid allows marketers to minimize the bounce rates of their email marketing campaigns and reduce the likelihood of blacklisting. The new solution increases the overall quality and deliverability of email lists by identifying invalid email addresses and SPAM traps.

AccuValid leverages server technology and proprietary data to verify an email address and validate its viability for deployment. Every email address is analyzed independently, undergoing a multi-step process that determines its potential for reaching the inbox.

“AccuData Integrated Marketing is excited to offer our clients another way to improve their data-driven marketing efforts,” said Bree Verrengia, Chief Operating Officer of AccuData Integrated Marketing. “AccuValid will give users an easy way to validate their email records to boost their marketing performance.”

The AccuValid process executes a complex set of algorithms that test each email address to identify:

  • Valid email addresses
  • Invalid or deactivated email addresses
  • Known SPAM traps or blacklisted addresses
  • Improperly formatted email addresses
  • Role-based email addresses
  • Disposable email domains and more

With AccuValid’s intuitive online tool, users upload their email address database and receive a file back that describes the validity of each record with a series of codes. These codes describe the condition of each email address and guide the user as to what future action to take with each specific record. AccuData also offers an append service to provide alternate valid email addresses to any that are identified as invalid.

Invalid or bad email addresses result in hard bounces, which prevent emails from reaching their intended recipients. AccuValid now gives marketers an opportunity to protect their sending reputation and improve email campaign metrics by eliminating bad email addresses.

With flexible pricing starting at less than a penny per email address validated, AccuValid does not require a subscription or contract. Visit today for secure and easy validation of any email address database.

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