Alpine Tavern Introduces 3 new International Signature Dishes

The Alpine Tavern has introduced 3 new international signature dishes.

Paolo Busi, East Vail resident and Executive Chef of the Alpine Tavern creates unique International cuisine. The specials are:

Ono, immersed in a delicate white wine sauce

The flesh of the wahoo is white, sweet, delicate, and highly regarded by many gourmets; indeed the Hawaiian name for the fish, Ono, is also the Hawaiian word for “tasty” or “delicious”. The flesh is pale-pink and turns white when cooked, with a firm texture, moderate fat, and large circular flakes.

Ragu of Wild Boar, served with fettuccini pasta

An historical Tuscan dish created in traditional style. This meat sauce is festive, seasonal and healthier than conventionally raised meats and poultry, since it tends to be lower in fat. This fabulous dining experience will warm any cold winter’s eve.

Veal Marsala – Veal Scaloppine, Marsala wine, Fresh Herbs, and Wild Mushrooms

A delicate dining experience consisting of thinly sliced veal, drenched in a Marsala wine, herb and assorted wild mushroom sauce. Marsala wine is Italy’s most famous version of fortified wine, hailing from Italy’s sunny southern region; Marsala is an ancient city on the coast of Sicily. During the early 1800s, England had a significant military contingent established in Marsala in response to Napolean and the French occupation of Italy. Consequently, as the British discovered the regional wine and wanted to ship it back to the homeland they employed the same strategy that they discovered for making Port in Portugal.

Scott Kneeland, restaurant manager and sommelier, recommends pairing guest’s meal choices with Alpine Taverns fabulous wines. Alpine’s wine cellar presents wonderful choices including reasonably priced Napa, Sonoma, Italian, and other international wines perfect for your special celebrations. For the connoisseur, Alpine Tavern has an excellent selection of fine French and American wines.

Alpine Tavern’s international staff delivers, in the words of their customers “awesome service”. Dining is a unique experience not just a meal. Guests will be recognized at our entrance as a valued individual.

Diners can continue their mountain experience at the Alpine Tavern. Soaring ceilings, a roaring fire, dramatic lighting and alpine views result in Vail’s premier mountain setting. White linen tablecloths, fine silver, crystal and crockery frame every meal. Experience a diverse and dramatic world of dining at the Alpine Tavern. The dining room, the Edelweiss, presents a casual, but elegant ambiance.

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