America’s Great Debate: Cheez Whiz or Provolone?

America's Great Debate: Cheez Whiz or Provolone?

Fans Take a Stand on the Right Way to Cheese a Cheesesteak

Prompted by the introduction of two new cheesesteaks at Potbelly Sandwich Shop, one topped with Cheez Whiz, one with provolone, people are raising their voices for what’s (arguably) the greatest debate on Twitter right now – even celebrities have weighed in. Is Cheez Whiz on a cheesesteak the nectar of the gods or a slap in the face to Ben Franklin? Or is provolone the only way to pure cheesesteak perfection?

People tweeting in for Team Cheez Whiz:

“Replace my blood with cheddar cheese whiz” — @jophisboy
“cheez wizz is so great and on a philly cheesesteak and on mount fuji”  — @evwolf7
“Cheezy, whizzy, delicious, delectable, delightful, reliable, scrumptious, & sensual” — @ss_054_

Team Provolone:

“Cheez whiz? If it’s not provolone throw mine away” — @chrisandjac1978
“Provolone or die!” — @scottkorin

Wanna weigh in on the Potbelly Cheesesteak Debate? Tweet us @Potbelly and let us know which cheese belongs melted on top of the new Cheesesteak. 

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