Arby’s Guests Devour 29 Million Sliders In Debut Month

Arby's Guests Devour 29 Million Sliders In Debut Month

Mini Meat Marvels Showcase High Quality Proteins From The Core Arby’s Menu

Arby's Guests Devour 29 Million Sliders In Debut MonthOn August 31, Arby’s introduced Sliders, a lineup of mini sandwiches featuring five of the same high quality proteins offered on the core menu: roast beef, chicken, corned beef, ham and jalapeno roast beef.  During the month of September, Arby’s guests responded to the mini meat marvels by purchasing 29 million of them – that’s nearly 1 million Sliders per day and roughly 300 Sliders sold daily per Arby’s restaurant across America.  That is a ton of meat.  Literally.

The following are just a few stats proving good things come in small packages:

  • The most Sliders sold in a single day was 1,494 in Jasper, Alabama on Sept. 18.
  • The combined weight of all Sliders sold in September equals the weight of five Statues of Liberty.
  • If you were to eat one Slider per day, it would take you 79,452 years to consume the 29 million Sliders Arby’s sold in September.
  • Arby’s sold enough Sliders in September to feed the entire population of one of the world’s most populous cities, Shanghai, and still have 3 million Sliders left over!
  • Sliders have a been a major hit across America, but there were specific states that showed extra love for specific meats:
    • The state with the most Roast Beef Slider orders was South Carolina.
    • Chicken Sliders had more action in Connecticut than any other state.
    • New Yorkers love their Corned Beef, and that trend continued with more Corned Beef Sliders ordered in New York than any other state.
    • The state with the most Ham orders was North Dakota.
    • Guests in New Mexico ordered more Jalapeno Roast Beef Sliders than any other state.

“Our Sliders bring the magic of Meatcraft to a smaller sandwich,” said Rob Lynch, Chief Marketing Officer and Brand President of Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. “Sliders combine snack-sized value with the high-quality proteins we’re known for and this is a winning proposition with our guests.  We’re selling an average of several hundred per day, per restaurant, with our current one-day record at nearly 1,500 in a single day.”

Arby’s plans to feature Sliders as a permanent menu item, and is even offering “Happy Hour” in participating markets, where guests can enjoy Sliders, a Small Curly Fry or Small Drink or Shake each for only $1.

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