Back by Popular Demand, Shoney’s Offers the Ultimate Value with $4.99 All-Star Breakfast

Back by Popular Demand, Shoney's Offers the Ultimate Value with $4.99 All-Star Breakfast

Fresh, Cooked-to-Order Breakfasts – Available All Day for a New Low Price– Are Nothing New to Shoney’s, America’s Dinner Table for Nearly 70 Years

Back by Popular Demand, Shoney's Offers the Ultimate Value with $4.99 All-Star BreakfastShoney’s is leaping back into its Glory Days and responding to popular demand, bringing back its most popular breakfast menu offering – the All-Star Breakfast – and lowering the price from $6.99 to $4.99. Shoney’s is also wondering what all the fuss is about with all-day breakfasts, which they have been perfecting for nearly 70 years.

America’s Dinner Table since 1947, Shoney’s All-Star Breakfast includes two freshly cracked eggs over easy with two slices of Shoney’s signature crispy bacon, savory breakfast potatoes and a freshly prepared buttermilk biscuit. It is available all day, every day and has been for decades. Yet another amazing proposition value from brand.

“There is nothing new about ‘all-day’ breakfasts and we challenge the McJohnny-Come-Latelys to match our quality and value because we’ve been feeding America great breakfasts for generations. We have provided our guests with fresh, cooked-to-order breakfasts since 1947 and the All-Star Breakfast is part of our iconic brand. We’re bringing it back for $4.99 and there is simply not a better breakfast value in America,” said David Davoudpour, Shoney’s Chairman and CEO. “Our guests love it, and we want to give our guests what they want. It’s the meal they’ve asked for at a surprisingly low price.”

Back by Popular Demand, Shoney's Offers the Ultimate Value with $4.99 All-Star Breakfast

David Davoudpour, Shoney’s Chairman and CEO

Since acquiring Shoney’s in January 2007, Davoudpour has been on a driven mission to revive and reinvigorate Shoney’s family-friendly, southern style restaurants, which was one of the premier family casual dining concepts in the United States. Shoney’s $4.99 All-Star Breakfast is a brand staple and is now available at participating locations.

“Our guests are always looking for fresh quality food at a great value with friendly service and by visiting Shoney’s for this great breakfast offer, they will get all of that and more,” continued Davoudpour. “We are undergoing a complete revitalization but are staying true to our roots and fresh, cooked-to-order breakfasts, including the All-Star Breakfast, are part of our great history and will be a part of this brand’s bright future.”

In order to get back to what Davoudpour confidently calls Shoney’s “Glory Days,” the brand is now offering franchising opportunities to qualified single and multi-unit candidates. For more information, visit

Please call your local Shoney’s restaurant for details on the $4.99 All-Star Breakfast.

Shoney’s is a Nashville-based company with approximately 150 restaurants in 16 states. Since its humble beginnings in 1947 as a Charleston, West Virginia drive-in restaurant, guests have enjoyed Shoney’s family-friendly, casual dining experience. Visit for more information on restaurant hours, locations and special offers. You can also follow Shoney’s on Facebook, Twitter @Shoneys and YouTube.