Becks Prime Opens Second Dallas Restaurant on Greenville Avenue

Becks Prime Opens Second Dallas Restaurant on Greenville Avenue

Becks Prime, the Houston-based restaurant famous for its fresh, made-to-order food and award-winning burgers has opened a new location at 4622 Greenville Avenue.

One of the founders, Mike Knapp, spent 12 years with the Steak and Ale management team. He felt there was a void in restaurants serving top quality, freshly prepared “fast food.” In 1984 a partnership was formed between Win Campbell, Mike Knapp and John Storms to develop that very idea.

“We are certainly pleased with the success of our first location”, said CEO Win Campbell. “And we appreciate that Dallas embraces our dedication to high-quality food, prepared exactly to order.”

The first location in Dallas has been well received. Customers have been praising the new addition to the Dallas dining scene, recognizing that Becks Prime has “the best burger in town, with fresh ingredients and a great selection.”

One Dallas customer mentioned, “The burger was thick, juicy and cooked medium-rare just like I asked…the fries were fresh-cut and delicious.”

The love is for more than the burgers. Customers also noted that Becks Prime has the “the best Kraut dog I’ve ever had” and the “experience merits three stars”. Another mentioned that the Ahi tuna was “absolutely sushi grade.”

Becks Prime burgers are made from 100% Certified Angus Beef that is ground each morning. The Certified Angus Beef brand is a cut above USDA Prime, Choice and Select. The fries are hand-cut from whole Idaho potatoes and the salad dressings are made fresh, in-house, every day. The burgers are always cooked to order, grilled over mesquite wood coals and are never frozen. The yellow buns are made from real eggs, which give them a fluffy, light quality.

Becks Prime has consistently been recognized as the best burger in Houston for nearly two decades. They were named one of the “Top Ten Burgers” in Texas by Texas Monthly. Becks Prime was also named “Best Hamburger” by, Houston Business Journal and the Houston Press, who recognized them as also having the best milkshake. Zagat Survey said that Becks Prime has the “Best burgers, bar none…real fries, and heavenly, thick milkshakes.”

Becks Prime’s famous milkshakes are made with at least 10% butterfat and fresh strawberries, fresh-brewed Jamoca and Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup.

Also offered are many other lunch and dinner options such as Ahi Tuna and grilled chicken salads, Certified Angus steak dinners, 1?4 lb. custom-made Boar’s Head hot dogs and vegetarian options.

The new Becks Prime is located at 4622 Greenville Avenue. It is now open.

Becks Prime Opens Second Dallas Restaurant on Greenville Avenue

The first Becks Prime opened on Kirby Drive in Houston with a double drive-thru and an open-air patio. Since then, very little has changed with regard to food preparation and the relentless drive for superior quality food. The founders continue to be involved in the day-to-day running of the company. The cooks on-site grind and patty fresh Certified Angus Chuck daily. Becks Prime doesn’t use microwaves or freezers- (the only freezer is for the beer mugs). And everything is cooked-to-order, grilled over mesquite wood coals and prepared quickly, just like it was over twenty-five years ago. Privately owned Becks Prime currently operates twelve locations in Houston and two locations in Dallas.

If you would like more information, or wish to schedule an interview, contact Mike Knapp at 713-922-0219 or visit