Become a Vegetarian Chef from Home: Natural Epicurean Offers Online Courses

Become a Vegetarian Chef from Home: Natural Epicurean Offers Online CoursesYou don’t have to leave home to find your green culinary thumb. This fall, vegetarian cuisine classes are being brought to the Internet, allowing for beginner or experienced chefs to expand their healthy cooking skills no matter where they are.

Created by Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts, the distance learning program is specifically designed to help students find a convenient path to plant-based cooking skills and a better understanding of healthy eating. Currently, students have the option to sharpen their skills in the Cooking for Wellness course; then later in the year, in Ayurvedic Cooking!

“What sets us apart from other online cooking courses is our focus on technique and skills, as well as our non dogmatic health supportive approach to cooking,” Gretchen Upshaw, School Director for Natural Epicurean, said. “We want to teach people how to cook delicious healthy foods for themselves and the their loved ones, while giving them insight and information on the 5 healing modalities.”

In The Cooking For Wellness course, students can explore new and innovative ways to invigorate their health through food and nutrition. The four week course, which can be taken in the morning or evening, is guided by professional chef instructors and health coaches who introduce students to basic knife skills and the 5 Essential Healing Cuisines.

Since the course is taught live, students can directly interact with the professional chefs, in addition to their peers. After the course, students will have a better understanding of plant-based consumption, the body’s relationship to food, as well as how to properly plan healthy meals daily.

To prepare students for vegan victories, NEACA will directly send the following to the future chefs:

  • A Healthy Chef’s Binder filled with class materials and recipes
  • Access to our online course training portal
  • A Starter Chef Knife Kit
  • Links to online cooking videos and tutorials
  • 5 Modalities: The Essential Healing Cuisines
  • A Natural Epicurean apron

“We want to give them the tools and skills to not only make good decisions in regard to their health, but also in their community” Upshaw said.  

Nina Seloff, a current Natural Epicurean student, says: “It’s always exciting to expand our knowledge with a group of professionals who are sensitive to student needs and their background. Bravo!”

The online classes are taught once a week for four weeks. Each course is $449.

Become a Vegetarian Chef from Home: Natural Epicurean Offers Online CoursesThe Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts (NEACA) is the premier educational institution where culinary professionals can build a career around the inherent synergies that converge between food, diet, and health. Offering professional culinary arts training, distance learning and informal classes devoted to conscious cooking and a plant-based diet, NEACA draws upon ancient traditions and modern approaches to using whole food for healthy eating. The Natural Epicurean curriculum draws from traditional Eastern diets, including macrobiotics and ayurveda, as well as a number of Western approaches to healthy eating including vegetarian, vegan, and raw foods. The programs emphasize locally available and seasonally based foods in their natural and unprocessed state with an equal emphasis on pleasing the senses and promoting health. For more information, visit or call (512) 476-2276.

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