Blimpie Announces Bold New Flatbread Menu Additions

Blimpie Announces Bold New Flatbread Menu AdditionsAmerica’s Sub Shop Now Offering Three New Artisan Flatbread Options with New Sauces Too

Blimpie Announces Bold New Flatbread Menu AdditionsWhile Americans deal with one of the longest and consistently cold winters on record, Blimpie, America’s Sub Shop, is stepping up with three oven-fired and flavorful flatbread limited time offers that will help fans stay warm until spring!

Blimpie recently introduced three new oven-fired, artisan flatbread sandwiches topped with tasty, trendy toppings that appeal to loyal customers, both young and old, who are seeking bigger, bolder flavors. These delicious options will be available until the end of April.

  • Chipotle Chicken Flatbread – Grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, provolone cheese, tomato, lettuce, creamy guacamole and chipotle mayo on oven-fired flatbread.
  • Boom Boom Turkey Flatbread – Oven-roasted turkey and cheddar made with tomatoes, lettuce, creamy guacamole and a spicy Boom Boom sauce on oven-fired flatbread.
  • Ultimate Club Flatbread – Blimpie Classic build of slow-cured ham, oven-roasted turkey, crisp bacon and Swiss with tomatoes, onion and peppercorn dressing on oven-fired flatbread.

“We are using these flatbreads to appeal to the tastes of our loyal customers who are seeking flavorful, yet healthy, options,” said Steve Evans, vice president of marketing at Kahala Brands, Blimpie’s parent company. “Two of the three flatbread options, the Chipotle Chicken and Boom Boom Turkey, include guacamole because countless Americans crave healthier options that feature the green goodness of avocados.”

Evans went on to add that the flatbread limited time offer is accompanied by a brand new Boom Boom sauce – included to appeal to the growing demand for spiced up menu options.

“In addition to guacamole, many of our customers have been eager to see new sauces and spreads to spice up some of their Blimpie favorites,” said Evans. “That’s why we’ve introduced Boom Boom sauce and our very own smoky mayo as part of this flatbread roll out.”

Blimpie has also chosen to feature the ever popular Blimpie Ultimate Club on the new flatbread. In addition, customers will be encouraged to order any of their favorite Blimpie sandwiches on the new flatbread for the duration of the limited time flatbread offer.

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