Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries Taps Cardagin to Power Mobile Loyalty and Rewards Program

Program Set to Launch Exclusively in Southern CA and Texas Stores in 2012

Cardagin Networks, Inc., a market leader in Mobile Relationship Management (MRM) platforms, announced today that it has been tapped by iconic national burger and fries brand, Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries, to power the company’s mobile customer loyalty and rewards program.  With this agreement, Cardagin will produce the first-to-market customized enterprise version of its highly successful MRM platform for Boardwalk.

A West Coast developer of the franchise, Boardwalk Ventures, LLC., will lead the program roll out exclusively in Southern California and Texas stores this year to complement the brand’s coast-to-coast expansion beginning at the end of July in Hermosa Beach.

“By knowing our customers through our state-of-the-art loyalty and rewards program we will be able to provide better customer service, which has always been the hallmark of our longstanding brand,” said Andrew Ritchie, CEO of Boardwalk Ventures, LLC., who is heading up the Boardwalk West Coast expansion.  “We are elated to begin rolling out this program in our stores this summer.”

Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries Taps Cardagin to Power Mobile Loyalty and Rewards ProgramThough there are many daily deal sites and digital loyalty programs on the market, none offer the ability to provide insight into retailers’ customer bases like Cardagin.  By powering customer loyalty rewards programs, Cardagin collects, analyzes and segments local retail data, providing businesses with the information they need to attract and retain repeat customers.  Using this technology, Boardwalk can now create and publish real-time mobile offers and advertisements, and track customer visits, purchases and award redemptions by employing a customized self-service platform, analytics dashboard and reporting tools designed by Cardagin.

“While trends over the past two years have focused on daily deals and short-term sales, Boardwalk understands the importance of creating long-term relationships with customers by making them feel special and valued,” said Rob C. Masri, founder and CEO of Cardagin.  “Cardagin’s specialty is giving insight to a customer base so businesses can make better, more informed marketing decisions to enhance that long-term relationship.”

President of Boardwalk Fresh Burgers and Fries, Dave DiFerdinando commented, “Our tradition of offering the world’s best fries, fresh burgers and shakes, coupled with an amazing customer experience achieved through modern technology, will continue to make Boardwalk a success for decades to come.”

The development of Boardwalk’s enterprise version of the proprietary MRM platform further validates the market authority of Cardagin as the only solution for businesses both large and small to know and reward their best customers.  Since its public launch in early 2011, Cardagin has earned 250,000+ app downloads and designed more than 1,000 mobile loyalty and rewards programs for businesses across the country that currently appear in its location-based mobile virtual mall.

About Cardagin® Networks, Inc.

About Cardagin Networks, Inc.Cardagin is a Mobile Relationship Management (MRM) company that connects businesses worldwide with their best customers.  Retailers, both large and small, can now know who their customers are by name, frequency of visit, amount spent, favorite location, and redeemed rewards and offers.  Cardagin is available to customers on iPad, iPhone and Android tablets and smartphones, or at for Blackberry and Windows users.

Cardagin has been branded a market leader by The Financial Times, Inc. Magazine and CNET, and named a finalist for Forbes’ “America’s Most Promising Companies.”

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