BONMi Opening in New York City Late March 2015

BONMi Opening in New York City Late March 2015BONMi Opening in New York City Late March 2015Washington, DC’s BONMi is opening late March 2015 at the Fordham University School of Law, McMahon Hall 150 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023.

About BONMi

BONMi is an award winning Vietnamese Bánh Mì Sandwich shop offering a unique stylized approach to the classic Bánh Mì sandwich; in addition to a selection of rice, noodle, salad, and side dishes.

An open service line, modern rustic charm, warm colors and metal accents welcome BONMi’s dining guests while delivery will reach out to Columbus Circle, Central Park South, and the Upper West Side.

BONMi Opening in New York City Late March 2015LIFE IS ABOUT GREAT BITES!

We travel all over, always thinking about our next meal. As veterans of the restaurant industry, our goal is to dig deep into local flavor of whatever city or town we were traveling to. We continually found ourselves returning to the magic of the Bánh Mì sandwich. We craved this sandwich and searched for it in all parts of the country as well as in our Southeast Asian travels. The Bánh Mì sandwich was the shining example of how the purpose and placement of each ingredient can create layers of flavor from salty, sweet, sour and spicy that pops with each bite. As you wipe the first drop of our Chili Sauce from your chin, you will understand why we wanted to bring this to you.

We wanted to share our love of this food and all of its possibilities with everyone. To make a great sandwich, or dish, the ingredients need to come together in each bite. Within each bite of this texture-flavor bomb of a sandwich is cool crisp cucumber contrasting perfectly with our homemade chili sauce, topped with fresh herbs enveloped in our toasted baguette as a vessel to bring you the unique flavors of our homemade sauces, pickled vegetables, and perfectly seasoned meats.

BONMi Opening in New York City Late March 2015BONMi’s expected hours of operation will be:

  • Monday-Friday Breakfast 7am-11am, Lunch / Dinner 11am-9pm
  • Saturday & Sunday Lunch / Dinner 11am-8pm

BONMi has company owned units in Washington, DC and NYC; food trucks in Washington, DC; and national contract locations. Check out BONMi on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, and check in at BONMi on Foursquare. For exact locations and menus, visit BONMi at

BONMi Opening in New York City Late March 2015Contact:
David Lynch
202-770-9329 / 202-785-0012