Bringing Bozo Back to Families with “Dave” Corriveau, Co-Founder of Dave and Busters

Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation (LHPC) has granted global rights for the development of a Family Entertainment Center (FEC) and restaurant concept based on Bozo, The World’s Most Famous Clown. The new, FEC entity will have a management team and Board of Directors who are industry leaders in food and beverage, investment banking, redemption gaming and franchising activities.

Activities under this agreement will be led by Dave Corriveau, co-founder and former President of Dave & Buster’s restaurant and entertainment chains.

“Bozo is a beloved character unlike very few in history. The Bozo Show was one of the longest airing children’s TV shows with over 300 million people having watched Bozo on television for 47 consecutive years reaching approximately 50 million U.S. homes weekly. The live Bozo character used for special appearance, the animated Bozo series as well as the Live Bozo Show maintain huge popularity in many other countries such as Mexico, Greece, Australia, Thailand and Brazil, to name a few,” stated Susan Harmon, President of LHPC.

Larry (aka “Bozo”) Harmon, and I were joined at the hip for nearly 30 years. I was still amazed every single time I saw the excitement on the faces of complete strangers when they got to meet the man behind Bozo the Clown. Being his wife, I would easily forget how he truly touched the lives of tens of millions of people around the world. I am sad that Larry is no longer here with us, but I am also excited that I will be able to see his dream of BozoWorld become a reality.”

Mrs. Harmon continued; “All indications are that the FEC market is a growth sector and in desperate need of a quality alternative that is safe, has great food and offers wholesome family fun, and Bozo epitomizes exactly that. With that in mind, now was the time for us to grant global rights to a motivated, experienced and talented group of entrepreneurs who can leverage the world famous brand of Bozo. We are very excited to know that BozoWorld will continue to build on the worldwide fame of Bozo. This will ensure that he lives in the hearts and minds, not just of today’s families, but also for future generations to come.”

With the appointment of Dave Corriveau as CEO and to the BozoWorld Entertainment Board of Directors, Dave brings unrivaled experience and creativity to a space only few have conquered. Years in the making, Dave has created a dynamic floor plan and a refined concept that has never before been seen and will excite and engage visitors like none before it. Sights, sounds, aromas, parties and games will be fun for every age. Whether a casual family outing, a Very Bozo Birthday Party, a Super Bowl celebration or other special event, BozoWorld will revolutionize indoor family entertainment.

Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation ( has been in the business of developing worldwide brands, character licensing and merchandising since 1958. LHPC is the owner and exclusive Licensor of Bozo, The World’s Most Famous Clown, as well as the owner and sole Licensor of the internationally recognized comedy duo, Laurel & Hardy. The properties are licensed both domestically and internationally for use in television, film, advertising campaigns, promotional opportunities, live appearances and have been used to create hundreds of products around the globe.