Bru Grill & Market Named in Urbanspoon’s “2012 America’s Top 250 Restaurants”

Bru Grill & Market Named in Urbanspoon's "2012 America's Top 250 Restaurants"

Brü Grill & Market, located in South Orange County, California was awarded “2012 America’s Top 250 Restaurants” by Urbanspoon.

Urbanspoon has recently undertaken the largest ever review of American dining behavior data, taking into consideration over 600,000 restaurants, millions of reviews, and a billion pageviews’ worth of user behavior. The result is a list of 250 dining establishments that received the most positive attention from professional food critics, food bloggers, and the general dining public across Urbanspoon’s website and smartphone apps.

“The list below represents those super-hot restaurants that received the most coverage across the the foodie community as well as from regular diners. Getting a Friday night table will require some advance planning, but the sheer popularity of these destinations ensures you’ll be treated to a memorable gastronomical event,” said Conrad Saam of Urbanspoon.

Matt Pannek of Brü Grill and Market said, “We are so honored, humbled and deeply thankful for this.  For our little independent restaurant to be recognized on a national platform is one of the most gratifying honors we could ever receive for our team that works tirelessly to make Brü come to life day in and day out.  Congratulations to our Executive Chef Adam Deschambault and our entire team.  Just goes to show that the independents out there with the hearts poured into every last detail can still have all of their dreams come true, even in this economy.  The support we have received from the community and all of Orange County is overwhelming.  We have made friendships with our guests that will last a lifetime…. and ultimately that’s why we built Brü.  It’s our dream “social house” anchored in amazing farm to table cuisine, amazing craft beer and most of all amazing friendships.”

Established less than one year ago (Circa 2011), Brü Grill & Market is an independent, single location restaurant located in Lake Forest, CA

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