C3 & Food IQ Partner to Bring Attention to Healthy Kids’ Menus

C3 & Food IQ Partner to Bring Attention to Healthy Kids' Menus
C3, a family and kids marketing and design agency, is partnering with Springfield, Missouri company, Food IQ, to create helpful tools for restaurants looking to improve their kids’ menus.

“Kids’ health is in the news for all the wrong reasons. 1 in 3 kids are considered obese, including more than 25% of kids under the age of 5. By the time these kids are adults, we’ll be spending $550 million annually on obesity-related treatment. The stakes are high and the reality is starting to sink in for parents. They’re stepping up and trying to cultivate better family habits around food and activity. They’re evolving rapidly and restaurants are struggling to stay relevant with a variety of healthy options for today’s families,” said Ian Davidson, Senior Manager, Brand Insights.

“C3 continues to evolve based on our clients’ needs. We’re known as a company able to enhance the dine out mealtime experience for families and kids—and we’re proud of that work. Today, we play a bigger role. From consumer insights to menu and service innovation and beyond, we take a holistic approach with our clients’ business opportunity for families and kids,” said Shad Foos, Vice President of Account Management & Business Strategies.

C3 and Food IQ will host an innovation forum Tuesday, April 23 at RLC in Scottsdale, Arizona. C3 will examine current industry trends in heath and wellness, talk about what flavors are winning with kids, as well as give an overview of Power2Play™. Food IQ’s Doug Austin will demonstrate practical preparation adjustments that can be made to make kids menus healthier.

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At Food IQ, we excel at what it takes to create food with impact; the insight, culinary skill, experience and vision that help you connect with your audience. For food that is truly relevant. Effective. Ownable. And smart. Food IQ delivers business-building ideas through a unique understanding of the market and a unique perspective on what’s needed to move a business forward. Our most powerful difference is the coming-together of Culinary & Insights. In our industry, most people offer one or the other. http://foodiq.net.