Cabana Grill Uses Harbinger Sign to Help Crack the Atlanta Market

Cabana Grill Uses Harbinger Sign to Help Crack the Atlanta Market

In looking to establish its footprint in the Southeast, Fiesta Restaurant Group, headquartered in San Antonio, utilized Jacksonville-based Harbinger Sign to help introduce Cabana Grill to the residents in the Atlanta area. Harbinger was asked to create signage that created the right style and ambience while adhering to ecologically friendly standards.

Cabana Grill features a “flex casual” format allowing for counter service ordering with seated food delivery. The cuisine is billed as casual and approachable, but still fresh and made to order. Guests can enjoy offerings such as fresh, hand-made flour and corn tortillas as well as various scratch-made salsas.

The signage created for Cabana Grill included a double-faced monument sign with reverse internally illuminated remote channel letters. The sign was placed upon a base of natural stone to create a rustic, natural feel in the daytime while several single-faced wall signs with reverse internally illuminated remote channel letters added dramatic features in the evening.

To achieve this particular look and feel, decorative aluminum papel picado panels with mounting tubes and brackets were created. The panels contain the channel letters that are water jet cut which is similar to laser cut.

While achieving memorable, highly stylized and attention getting signage was a primary goal, Cabana Grill also wanted the signage to be ecologically friendly. LED lighting technology was imperative since Cabana Grill wanted to decrease their energy footprint as well as utilize bright, vibrant colors that LED allows. The LED lighting complements the colors of the building, which include a red gloss, black satin finish, brushed aluminum, deep ruby and stone veneer.

“The client and the architect for this store had a definite vision about what they wanted to convey and we were able to make that a reality,” said Rick Guarino, Vice President of National Accounts at Harbinger Sign. “Working with designers and architects are a huge part of what we do. Cabana Grill’s architectural style is distinct. The client had very clear ideas regarding the restaurant’s look during the daytime and nighttime. The role of the sign company in the process is to listen to what the client wants and provide them with a realistic assessment of how the design process and sign will work.”

Fiesta Restaurant Group plans to keep expanding the number of Cabana Grills in metro Atlanta and in the Southeast.

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Cabana Grill Uses Harbinger Sign to Help Crack the Atlanta Market

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