Can Wendy’s Win by Hiring Better People?

For quite a few years now, dollar menus have ruled the world of fast food. Ads stressed low, low prices, as competitors vied to introduce new, value-priced menu items that would attract new diners.

That’s why we get fast food, right? Because it’s cheap?

Well, a major franchisee at one national chain has broken from the pack and aims to grow its business through another approach. This franchisee of Wendy’s has announced it is on a major human-resources push to hire better employees.

How many new people? A report from one large, Michigan-based Wendy’s franchisee says 500 new hires are being sought for just 48 restaurants, after a purge of slackers from their staffs. Wendy’s has been involved in a major rebranding effort, and the franchisee wanted to match that new approach with a new quality of employee.

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