Cheba Hut Passes ‘Blunt’ to Cypress Hill

Cheba Hut Passes 'Blunt' to Cypress Hill

Popular ‘Toasted’ sub spot collabs with rap superstars ahead of 4/20 and the “We Legalized It 2024” Tour with exclusive merch, a limited-time bar special and surprise appearances

Cheba Hut Passes 'Blunt' to Cypress HillHomies all over the country will go “Insane in the Brain” when they hear about the partnership between Cheba Hut and legendary rap group Cypress Hill to kick off the summer and celebrate their favorite holiday – 4/20. To turn the party up even more, Cheba Hut is committing to some crazy good deals and a few surprises that will blow their fans’ minds.

From April 2 to June 30, the cannabis-themed restaurant and bar will sell swag co-branded with Cypress Hill on the Cheba Hut merch site. This merch includes gear for those who enjoy taking “hits from the bong,” like stickers, bucket hats and T-shirts.

“We couldn’t be happier to join forces with a hugely influential group like Cypress Hill,” said Cheba Hut Founder Scott Jennings. “When it comes to embracing the Cheba Hut vibe, Cypress Hill gets it like no other — and what better occasion to unite than on 4/20 and blaze a trail together.”

To take things to a higher level, certain Cheba Hut locations will be offering chances to win free tickets to one of Cypress Hill’s “We Legalized It 2024” tour dates. Homies, be on the lookout on your local Cheba Hut social pages to see which stores are participating and be sure to stop by….you never know who you might see.

“When we were approached to partner with Cheba Hut on our upcoming tour, we knew we had to say yes,” said Sen Dog of Cypress Hill. “Their culture, creativity, and sense of community pair perfectly with Cypress Hill’s vibe. Our shows are meant to celebrate the diversity of our fans, and Cheba Hut embraces that, too, creating welcoming spaces for everyone to not only enjoy great food but also great music. We’re excited to collaborate with them to bring our fans exclusive menu items like the Lowrider Amplified cocktail, plus merch and more!”

As if the pot couldn’t be any sweeter, on April 20, all Nug-sized sandwiches will be $4.20 – in-shop only. Loaded with tasty flavor combos and mouth-watering ingredients, these little sandwiches pack a huge hit. Each Nug purchase also comes with a rad Cheba Hut frisbee, which can be used to play catch with some buds or as a rolling tray for another kind of bud. Cheba Hut will also offer a special, limited-time Lowrider Amplified — a mini spicy margarita as a shot — for just $7 at select locations.

Cheba Hut Passes 'Blunt' to Cypress Hill

Cheba Hut has been escaping the established and getting “toasted” since 1998. Breaking the mold of mundane fast-casual concepts by becoming the first marijuana-themed sandwich “joint,” Cheba Hut is dedicated to providing customers with a delicious, memorable sandwich and munchie options in a chill, eclectic environment where genuine people serve made-to-order food. Cheba Hut’s fun and authentic dining experience includes a full-service bar and highlights its menu because it’s not about getting high; it’s about epic food and legendary service! For more information, check them out on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.