Chef Gorji on The Secret of Culinary Success: Keep it Simple and Savory

Beating the odds for success as a chef-driven restaurant in a major metropolitan area, especially one as competitive as Dallas-Fort Worth, is not an easy task. Chef Gorji,who celebrates his 9th year at the helm of his intimate and award-winning eatery in North Dallas, has done just that. In a market crowded with steakhouses, mega-theme concepts and a “bigger is better” outlook, he has kept it simple at his 10-table restaurant. “Less is more,” says the chef who makes daily shopping trips for his menus based on quality—not quantity—of ingredients found in local markets and specialty shops.

Recently named “one of the most underrated restaurants in Dallas” by DMagazine and one of “DFW’s Best” by readers of The Dallas Morning News for his fresh, trend-setting offerings such as warm appetizer salads and high-end barbecue, Chef Gorji announces several new items to his unique menu. Local diners and critics, alike, find Dallas Chef Gorji’s new takes on classic cuisines and attention to detail a rewarding and relaxing experience.

The new additions include veal bacon with greens dressed with olive oil and lemon juice, sauteed filet of chicken thigh with San Daniele prosciutto and fresh baby spinach, and barbecued veal ribs with pomegranate reduction.

In fact, Canary By Gorji’s menu features items in almost every category of The National Restaurant Association’s What’s Hot in 2012 survey of hot culinary trends. He has long served an “amuse bouche” of carrot and orange juice with pomegranate and is well known for his creative takes on non-traditional fish such as branzino and barramundi, which appear on his changing prix fixe menus. His pan-seared sustainable catfish was prominently featured in Texas Monthly.

He combines influences, flavors and techniques from all the countries around the Mediterranean Basin to create a menu that he calls “New Mediterranean.” It is upscale, modern cooking that includes prime cuts of meat, quality ingredients, minimal spices and abbreviated cooking times letting the natural flavor of the food be the star. Local diners and critics agree that the blending of cuisines and food traditions work.

Says Gorji, “My dishes meld the best of two worlds—an Old World essence paired with a modern, freshness that is made per order for each guest.”

Canary By Gorji is located at 5100 Belt Line Road, Suite 402, Dallas, Texas 75254. Chef Gorji’s own product line, Gorji Gourmet Foods®, includes sauces, primers, dressings and spread for purchase at Canary by Gorji Mediterranean Steak & Seafood, Metroplex Whole Foods Markets®, area gourmet stores and online at www(dot)gorjigourmet(dot)com. Canary By Gorji offers a boutique wine selection and is open for dinner Tuesday–Thursday, 5-9:30 p.m. and Friday – Saturday, 5-10:30 p.m.

For more information about the restaurant call 972-503-7080 or visit www(dot)canarybygorji(dot)com