Claim Your Taste Digital Experience Promotes Wendy’s Greatly Expanded Right Price Right Size Value Menu

Claim Your Taste Digital Experience Promotes Wendy's Greatly Expanded Right Price Right Size Value Menu

Craving a Double Stack with fries and value-sized soft drink? How does a DUBYUM, CRISPY, FIZZY sound?  Wendy’s is tapping into this food naming phenomena by providing consumers with a new way to gab about their grub with the launch of “Claim Your Taste” digital experience (  This site has received over 150,000 visits since it launched on January 1st, with thousands of fans staking their claim to one of the 4,896 tasty trios from Wendy’s new Right Price Right Size Menu, which features up to 18 delicious Wendy’s favorites ranging from 99 cents to $1.99*.

“Wendy’s consumers have thoroughly engaged with the ‘Claim Your Taste’ digital experience,” said Bob Holtcamp , Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing, Wendy’s.  “We know online consumers like to describe and name their favorite foods.  Our digital promotion is a fun way for our fans to interact with the new Right Price Right Size value menu.”

“Claim Your Taste” ( rewards customers for sharing their favorite Right Price Right Size tasty trios, by making them virtual spokespeople for their taste claims.  The customer’s Facebook profile picture and name may appear with their menu selections on Wendy’s digital properties, including its Facebook page,, and custom banner ads.  Additionally, customers will be eligible to win a series of prizes for sharing their tasty trio on Facebook and voting for others’ creative combinations.  ‘Claim Your Taste’ was developed by Wendy’s new digital partner, VML, of Kansas City.

Chicago’s Union Station Holds “Claim Your Taste” Event

To celebrate “Claim Your Taste,” Wendy’s hosted a “lunch party” at Union Station in Chicago today from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. CST.  The public had the opportunity to win prizes on the new greatly expanded Right Price Right Size value menu by participating in a Tasty Trio Bean Bag Toss game.  The Tasty Trio Bean Bag Toss brought the new Right Price Right Size Menu flavor cues to life by allowing consumers to engage with the new quirky-named items in a fun and creative manner.

The History of Wendy’s Value Menu

In 1989, Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas introduced the Super Value Menu, offering consumers 99-cent menu options that delivered on Wendy’s promise of quality and fresh ingredients.  Wendy’s was amongst the first in the quick service restaurant industry to have a Super Value Menu, an act that all major chains have since followed.

A December 2012 HuffPost Food survey revealed that Wendy’s was ranked No. 2 out of 130 major national chains for best perceived value.  The survey relied upon more than 1.2 million consumer interviews this year.

*Recommended RPRS Menu pricing.  Prices and participation may vary.