Clever Specials for Your Bar Fans During Basketball Season

March is a huge month for basketball fans…but what about your fans? How can you interest them and bring them into your bar? Keep reading for some ideas you can use to draw in customers. One perk is that customers don’t even have to be basketball fans to enjoy these great specials.

Create your own “madness.”

Basketball doesn’t have to have all the madness…you can create some of your own, too! Offer a deep discount or a great deal on one of your best menu items. Margarita Madness might not have the same high stakes as the games, but your customers will still appreciate it.

Make your own bracket.

If you offer a lot of sandwiches, burgers, or appetizers, create your own bracket and let customers vote on their favorites. Then, you can offer a deal on the winning menu items.

Extend your happy hour.

There’s no need to be rigid about your typical happy hour times. Customers will likely be staying at your bar for awhile, so offer them a discount and give them a reason to stay.


If your team is playing, offer a great special if they win. Or, use an idea from pizza chain Little Caesar’s, which offered free products if a 16-seeded team beat a 1-seeded team.

Create themed drinks and menu items.

Have your bartenders whip up speciality shots or cocktails for the teams playing. Or, try making a burger with a clever name for your team.

Reward the customers with killer brackets by giving them a free drink or appetizer.

But don’t stop there—why not reward customers with the absolute worst brackets, too? This makes the competition a little less fierce and puts the focus on having fun at your bar.

Offer specials based on rounds.

To mix things up a bit, change your specials based on rounds. For example, second round can be $2 PBRs or nachos, while the Final Four can be $4 burgers. Bonus: if any customers hang out at your bar for every round, be sure to offer them a little something extra, like a free meal or a gift card.

Basketball season during March has the potential to bring in huge business for your bar, as long as you offer the right specials. Use a few of these ideas to keep your fans happy!

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