Cordia Plans Ghost Kitchens in Las Vegas and Los Angeles

Cordia Plans Ghost Kitchens in Las Vegas and Los AngelesCordia Corporation (OTC PINK: CORG) today announced that it is reviewing locations for possible ghost kitchens in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The vast majority of food delivery currently takes place in traditional brick and mortar restaurants, but these locations are not optimized for delivery. To address these needs, ghost kitchens are stripped down commercial cooking spaces with no dine-in option, functioning as hubs for online delivery and catering orders. This business model circumvents the need for costly build-outs in premium restaurant locations. The food delivery market is worth over $35 billion per year in the US according to a recent Cowen & Company report and is estimated to become a $75.9 billion business by 2022.

“We are excited with our new direction and look forward to securing locations for ghost kitchens to serve existing restaurants and new brands looking to launch their businesses,” stated Peter Klamka, CEO of Cordia Corporation.

In addition to ghost kitchens, the Company is developing a network of chefs experienced in cannabis-infused foods for private catering.