Culinary Art Institute of California Adds SAAS to their Curriculum

Culinary Art Institute of California Adds SAAS to their Curriculum

Culinary Art Institute of California Adds SAAS to their CurriculumA study conducted by IBM institute for Business sited 51% of respondents believe that the current education system fails to meet the needs of the students, and nearly 60% believe it fails to meet the needs of the industry.

The Culinary Art Institute of California is not one of these establishments.  Steve Gostin, the program director of the Art Institutes Culinary program is preparing his students for the real world.  He has added technology into their curriculum to better prepare the Institute’s graduates to be successful in the restaurant industry.

With Ipads being added to the kitchen students will become versed in creating schedules, managing staff and human resources, inventory management, cost controls, sales projections, communications, training, shift to shift communications and more.

Steve was faced with the challenge of adding a tool that would help his students understand more than creating a delicious meal.  The industry is full of technology built by people who get technology.  Steve wanted to find a tool that really understands the restaurant industry.  A tool that they can train on and then walk into a restaurant and use it to be successful.  Through research and a recommendation from Sysco Foods he found a complete restaurant management tool that can help his student do what they are passionate about and make money.  The best part is, at they understand the restaurant business because they have owned restaurants.  And with total package price point of $49.00 it is a no brainer not just for the institute but for the entire restaurant industry.

“The Art Institute of California, Orange County is excited to partner with and introduce their amazing management software platform (suite) to our students. Technology is everywhere and culinary is not exempt to the needs of having more options to stay better organized and ahead of the game when it comes to the day-to-day operations of running a restaurant. We intend to utilize in a variety of areas, including managing our operations in our student run restaurant and have our students gain a better understanding of operating a successful F&B operation. At AiOC, we want our students to leave here with a well-rounded education and be the next leaders of the culinary world and I believe having incorporated into our daily operations and curriculum will help with this goal.”

The best part is that any restaurant can use this tool to be more successful and organized.  Steve has students that work in restaurants while they are attending the Institute that have begun to use CheddrSuite.

An article by Harvard Business Review revealed that “71% of corporate recruiters indicated that finding applicants with sufficient practical experience is the greatest challenge when recruiting” –Why Higher Ed and Business Need to Work Together, Michael D. King  This won’t be the case at AiOC.

Culinary Art Institute of California Adds SAAS to their Curriculum