D.C. Restaurant News Video Show Closer to Summer 2016 Debut

D.C. Restaurant News Video Show Closer to Summer 2016 Debut

Consultant and former publisher to bring cutting-edge industry news to life in Nation’s Capital

Rick Zambrano, a foodservice consultant in Washington, D.C. and former trade publisher, has confirmed a summer 2016 debut for a new restaurant news video series following the release of a pilot by June, further ensured by a script timeline and near-completion of anchor person selection. With the D.C.-area restaurant scene at the heart of the video news series, the initial pilot will be shot at a restaurant set in a scenic landscape. Zambrano’s collaborative approach to bringing foodservice industry insights to life will ensure the storyboard and scripts will be highly meaningful to owners, operators and executives of multi-unit restaurant companies.

A subsequent subscription-based educational video series for restaurant operators will debut in late fall 2016.

“This summer will be a very opportunistic time to bring this D.C.-based news video series to restaurant industry,” says Rick Zambrano, the show’s producer. “One thing top foodservice influencers and restaurant executives in my network know about me is that nothing I do is ‘inside-the-box,’ so we should expect a very differentiated format with news delivered in a way that is unconventional and topics that are paradigm-shifting.”

The Washington, D.C. area is already the setting of a burgeoning foodservice scene. Trend-setting restaurant concepts, including sweetgreen, Cava Grill, BGR, Taylor Gourmet, &pizza and Beefsteak have debuted in the D.C. market.

Cutting-edge news topics delivered with precision and humility

When producing trade media, Zambrano brought stories to life, delivered with humility and a passion for the industry. This approach has endeared him to many top restaurant industry executives and vendors. Many who have worked with him or been interviewed by him are aware of his commitment to unbias and innovative content for the foodservice industry.

“Colleagues, clients, fellow consultants, and those in the industry who I have worked with on various projects know my unwavering commitment to providing insights and education to restaurateurs and my interest in helping foodservice businesses succeed,” adds Zambrano. “It is through this support, and a robust knowledge of industry and food trends, that I will be able to create this online video channel benefitting its key audiences in early or late development stages in their career, in addition to benefitting top-quality foodservice purveyors.”

Producer looks to leave his mark on the foodservice industry

Zambrano’s marketing and management consultancy, Trendystia MRC, is producing average incremental annualized profit of $35K for the operating units it has served. Trendystia also recently launched a content management and consulting program for industry technology providers and vendors.

As a restaurant trade publisher, his prior publications were published in print, online and digital app format. Zambrano was one of the first independents to have content produced and distributed in digital app format on the Android, Windows 8 and the App Store marketplaces.

A website will launch in May so that industry collaborators and stakeholders can follow and participate in the series where applicable. Marketers of foodservice industry vendors and sponsors interested in viewing the pilot are invited to reach out at mediaspotlight@rickzambrano.com.

Restaurant Video Project ‘Z’

“Z” is the project name for an restaurant industry video news series coming to the DC area. The project is spearheaded by Rick Zambrano, who is a marketing and management consultant for foodservice operators in the DMV (D.C.-Md.-Va.) market. As a trend analyst, he has worked with research tools, topical experts, forensic experts and trend watchers to develop a strong understanding of today’s most meaningful food themes and the consumer behaviors that are driving them. Zambrano has demonstrated his interpretation of major foodservice and culinary trends is highly meaningful to food industry business owners and executives through his application, written works, consulting, insights in major industry publications, and through speaking engagement.