Do YOU trust your employees?

As a restaurant manager, hiring the right staff can be daunting. These restaurants are your babies, your pride and joy, but you cannot always be there to hold their hand. Restaurants owners want to be able to trust their staff to do the right thing. Whether it is customer service, scheduling, or insisting they wear deodorant, they need the choice to be hands-off when they feel it is appropriate.

No one wants to be that person on vacation with their pina colada, sunbrella, and their laptop?! Checking into work?! According to research by CareerBuilder, about 1 in 3 people do just that. The anxiety of restaurant management is not something to pack in your travel bag.

What is the most difficult process for you? ShiftZen understands that staff scheduling leaves you with some of the strongest migraines. 40 people all trying to take off for Super Bowl Sunday, all of whose handwriting looks like another language, and you have to spend your entire day translating into a cohesive schedule for the week. With ShiftZen, you are capable of making quick adjustments on the fly while YOU are flying down to Costa Rica for that much deserved R&R.

Leave Sunday migraines to the football players with multiple concussions, and instead kick back knowing your rookie staff will be on time this week.

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