Domino’s Pizza CEO: Why We’re Doing So Well

Domino's Pizza CEO: Why We're Doing So Well

Domino’s Pizza just keeps on baking up piping-hot numbers for investors to chew on.

And interestingly, the hearty sales gains are not a byproduct of some fancy, new pizza that gets everyone buzzing on Twitter.

“It’s mostly about people just having a better experience with the core products on our menu, as well as easier access to the brand through digital ordering and better execution on getting the food right,” Domino’s Pizza President and CEO J. Patrick Doyle said in an interview with TheStreet.

Doyle believes that by not constantly adding new items to the menu — Domino’s has only added two new items in the past three years — franchisees can focus their efforts on the basics of making and delivering pizzas. That is a rather different approach than the norm in the fast-food business, where big chains such as McDonald’s and Papa John’s are constantly launching and promoting new products to increase sales.

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