Don’t Be Afraid of Negative Customer Feedback – Turn It to a Positive Outcome

Don't Be Afraid of Negative Customer Feedback - Turn It to a Positive Outcome

Negative customer feedback can happen to anyone and you don’t have to be afraid of it. Nay! If you are smart enough, you can easily build an advantage out of it. Paying attention even to the slightest negative feedback, collecting it in the right way and actually dealing with the problems can be very beneficial for your company.

Just keep in mind the following things.

Make it private

People rely on the opinion of others when they choose a place to eat, a hotel to spend a night in or when they buy a product or a service. So collecting good reviews and make them accessible to anyone are essential to build your brand.

Getting bad reviews is a completely different thing. It’s much better if you can keep that private.
The point is to make sure people tell their honest opinion and they tell it to you directly. Using customer feedback surveys creates a private channel for your customers to complain. It eliminates bad reviews on social media and review sites. Also allows you to deal with it much more effectively and with less negative effect to your brand.

Share reviews with your Employees

Make sure everyone in your company is aware of customer reviews. That way, they can get feedback as well and you can brainstorm together on how to provide better products or services and this is really important to get better customer experience.

React as soon as possible

Providing a way for your customers to tell their experience, complaints or suggestions is great but it’s only the first step. The way you can truly engage and build real relationship with them is that you take it seriously. Don’t ask for their feedback because it looks like you care about them. Ask for it because you really care about what they think. And here are a few ways you can show that you actually care:

Respond and make a change

Change things based on what they say to you and respond them directly, if you can. Something like this: “Your feedback was extremely valuable, we thought about it and we changed this and this and this. We hope to see you soon and we believe you will find it awesome.”
If you can’t contact them, it’s ok. Just evolve and people will notice it.

Show them how grateful you are for their feedback

Send them something in return, it will pay off. This is an easy way to make them come back and encourage them to give feedback again. Everybody wins.


The point is, you don’t have to be afraid of negative customer feedback. Just make sure you’re the one who knows about their problems first. Encourage people to give feedback, even if it’s not positive and make sure it goes directly to you, not to social media and review sites.

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