Dot It Announces New Service: Yext for Food

Dot It Announces New Service: Yext for Food

Dot It Powered by Yext Offer Restaurants a Tool for Online Data Management

Dot It Announces New Service: Yext for FoodDot It Restaurant Fulfillment announces the addition of Yext for Food to their expanding digital service offerings. The service, powered by Yext, analyzes restaurant business data online and determines the accuracy of information on 100 online publishers including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Yelp. Users are able to take control of their online listings via a centralized dashboard and publish their business data accurately across the web, including their name, address, phone number, website URL, photos, events/promotions, menus, hours of operation and more.

Yext for Food caters to businesses in the food service industry by syndicating data to some of the top online food publishers like Zomato, AllMenus, AllergyEats, and MenuPix. With a centralized, easy-to-use interface, Yext allows restaurant leadership to oversee how information is disseminated across platforms, delegate tasks to franchise-owners and management while maintaining final approval and analyzing how customers interact with the company online in different markets.

President, Gary Cooper, comments, “This is an easy, innovative way for business owners to take control of their online presence and strengthen their restaurants for the long-term. By offering a user-friendly tool like Yext, Dot It is helping restaurant owners more effectively reach customers on a variety of platforms, make more effective strategic marketing decisions and boost their revenue. In a market where customers prioritize convenience over all else, having consistently accurate online information is essential to businesses.”

By offering an all-inclusive system for online listing management, Dot It anticipates restaurants will gain better quality control of their online brand, a strategic advantage in marketing new events and promotions, and the ability to increase customer yield across various platforms.

Yext uses direct integrations to allow users to update their business information simultaneously across dozens of online publishers like Facebook, Yelp and Google. With changes made only once and updated in near real time, users can update information seamlessly, publish menus, promote events and specials, upload photos and videos, and access performance analytics. Business owners can also benefit from Yext when it is used during unexpected events like inclement weather or personal emergencies to change business information in a timely manner.

Customers can obtain a free business report to see how much of their online information is inaccurate. Packages, available at monthly and annual rates, include a free upgrade to Yext for Food.

Businesses with more than 25 locations can call 800-642-3687 for a quote.

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