Eatery Pulse News Network Selects News Anchor Finalists, Opens up Sponsorship Opportunities

Eatery Pulse News Network Selects News Anchor Finalists, Opens up Sponsorship Opportunities

Production team prepares for first show as network prepares final anchor selections

Eatery Pulse News Network, an online, all-digital, trade news network for restaurateurs, launching in the Washington, D.C. area has selected its finalists to carry the show’s news all around the Metro-DC area. Four of the finalists will move on to the join the team producing Season One: Disruption. Provenance debuting this month. The six finalists are Devyn, Mina, Estella, Chrissy, Larissa and Matty. Their winning videos, selected through a social media contest, can be viewed on YouTube here.

The news show headlines a new media venture comprising video news shows, a digital (flip-style) magazine in Eatery Pulse Digital, and live events in the DC market. The network’s coverage will encompass Metro-DC, including suburbs that extend as far south as Fredericksburg, Va., and as far north as Frederick, Md. The network plans an all-out marketing and outreach blitz the week of February 13 across D.C., Maryland and Virginia (DMV).

Celebrating the hard-working restaurateurs that make DC a food destination

The show’s episodes will rotate filming throughout the DMV area. Mainly dedicated to the restaurant owners of today, and tomorrow, including bartenders, managers and chefs, the show has already been gaining popularity with foodies around Washington, D.C., and its suburbs. “When we started working with Millennial and Gen Z anchors, we started realizing that these generations had an insight into technology, social media and entrepreneurship,” says Rick Zambrano,” the network’s producer-publisher.

“Fundamentally, they understand that restaurants are cornerstone businesses in their neighborhoods and the business of restaurants—the economics of restaurants—needs to be beefed up. In today’s challenging foodservice environment, we’re building a more dynamic, trade news network and we’re developing information and insights that serve as a toolkit for restaurant businesses. This is Eatery Pulse News.”

Building a bridge between technology companies, purveyors and restaurants

Tech companies, suppliers, distributors and all types of purveyors are partnering with restaurants on multiple levels to help them succeed. “The vendor of today no longer sells a product, they sell a solution and find innovative ways to help restaurateurs,” adds Zambrano. “In the way we have a common goal to help restaurateurs succeed.This is another layer of support to the local industry.”

Sponsorship opportunities have opened up with Eatery Pulse News, which expects to have about 10 episodes stream on its website and on YouTube during its first full season. In addition to product placement opportunities, the network already launched a video production package for restaurants and is developing an advertorial unit for the summer. Serious inquiries continue to sent to the publisher and sales team at The team has already had conversations as to how a major foodservice distributor could play a role this season.

“We invite technology companies to participate, particularly as the pricing is so low due to one-time promotional specials,” says Zambrano.

To download the sponsorship kit, navigate to the show’s Dropbox Follow Eatery Pulse on Twitter at

Eatery Pulse signals the arrival of a restaurant industry trade news network in online video format, accompanied by an informative, stylish, digital magazine for the D.C. area and a live events platform. The all-digital news network will cover cutting-edge news topics, best practices and hyper-local D.C.-area trends comprising technology, including mobile and IoRT, culinary trends and insights, marketing & social media, operations, and new concept design. The project is headed by Rick Zambrano, who is a trend analyst, entrepreneur and small business consultant for foodservice operators and small businesses in the DMV (D.C.-Md.-Va.) market. Zambrano’s experiences in the corporate realm of restaurants and food retailing, with a background in publishing, writing, editing, research and financial analysis, bode well for the media venture, which has access to a Consultant Consortium advisory group.