Eatery Pulse News Show Announces News Anchor Team, Expands Commitment to Industry Scholarship

Eatery Pulse News Show Announces News Anchor Team, Expands Commitment to Industry Scholarship

News Show Follows Digital Magazine in Establishing Industry Scholarship Program

Eatery Pulse News Network, an online, all-digital, trade news network for restaurateurs in the Metro-Washington, D.C. area has announced the selection of the news anchor team for Season One: Disruption. Provenance. Mina LezcanoDevyn Jones, Chrissy Perez and Larissa Aguirre will be the host of D.C’s news show dedicated to informing and inspiring restaurant owners, foodservice professionals and industry stakeholders. Additionally, the news show has joined the network’s digital magazine in establishing a foodservice scholarship program, to be funded with 20 percent of ongoing profits.

A celebration in the local industry at a time when D.C. establishes itself as a food destination

The network, comprising an online news show on video, a flip-style monthly magazine and a live-events platform is planning a robust content-intense season for D.C. “The launch team in collaboration with Hbf Enterprise is readying the first few shows amid a lot of local business support and excitement,” says Rick Zambrano, who is behind the venture. The debut with Devyn, Mina, Chrissy and Larisa will keep the energy and momentum going for sure.”

“When we say we’re coming to your restaurant, we literally are coming to your restaurant—as we rotate our shows across the Metro-D.C. area. In addition to that, we’ll be on multiple devices, online, on YouTube and across the area’s top and emerging restaurants, paying tribute to the culinary and hospitality excellence here in D.C.” The first three shows will focus on the following topics:

  • Mobile POS
  • Craft beer and cocktail trends
  • The healthful eating trend
  • Local restaurant real estate landscape

A commitment to the restaurateurs of today and tomorrow

Zambrano has renewed this commitment. Through the profit-funded scholarship program, he’ll be sharing with upwardly-mobile restaurant management professionals any success D.C.’s top restaurateurs and foodservice companies will bestow on the new venture. The anchor team and robust, data-driven content are expected to continue to drive interest in the new venture, allowing for shared success in an age of shared economics. Zambrano is a native of Arlington, Va. and a 15-year food industry veteran.

In a recent interview with Modern Restaurant Management, Zambrano discussed the importance of the publication as an East Coast resource.

Restaurant industry stakeholders and restaurateurs across the region can continue to subscribe to the Eatery Pulse YouTube channel,to the upcoming newsletter and digital monthly by navigating to

Sponsors, advertisers and all segments of restaurant-facing purveyors and technology companies can download the sponsor kit and sign up for the network’s newsletter by clicking here. “We’re already in talks with a partner to develop our subscription-only program and help us augment our direct-services unit, including a partnership with a local distributor so we see things moving very quickly,” adds Zambrano.

Eatery Pulse signals the arrival of a restaurant industry trade news network in online video format, accompanied by an informative, stylish, digital magazine for the D.C. area and a live-events platform. The all-digital news network will cover cutting-edge news topics, best practices and hyper-local D.C.-area trends comprising technology, including mobile and IoRT, culinary trends and insights, marketing & social media, operations, and new concept design. Eatery Pulse News Network is headed by Rick Zambrano, who is a trend analyst, entrepreneur and small business consultant for foodservice operators and small businesses in the DMV (D.C.-Md.-Va.) market. Zambrano’s experiences in the corporate realm of restaurants and food retailing, with a background in publishing, writing, editing, research and financial analysis, bode well for the media venture, which has access to a Consultant Consortium advisory group.