Fadó Irish Pub Unveils New Menu

Fadó Irish Pub Unveils New Menu
Fadó Irish Pub Slow Roasted Pork Belly

With the all important St. Paddy’s Day season rapidly approaching, Fadó Irish Pub has introduced a new menu with a focus on sharable, small plates and snacks made from scratch that pair perfectly with a round of pints. Additionally, over 70% of the menu has been overhauled with pub favorites like the Lamb Dip, Fish and Chips, the Gourmet Burger, and Boxties getting new presentations and fresh ingredient changes.

“We joke that you never say, ‘Hey tonight should we do sushi, Italian or Irish?’ We see that changing as people are moving away from large, big plate dinners to more snacks they can share with the table in a casual environment. You get to try more things and the value is exceptional,” says Casey Neff, General Manager of Fadó Irish Pub Philadelphia. “We now have a bigger selection of housemade, high quality snacks that pair great with our expanded range of European and local craft beers. And we take a different approach to food than most Irish pubs – the focus at Fadó is on fresh ingredients cooked from scratch, and presentations similar to what you would see in higher-end gastro pubs.”

Fadó Irish Pub Unveils New Menu
Fadó Irish Pub Bleu Cheese Lamb Sliders

The menu, featuring the new, slightly posh snack and share options, includes items like the Slow Roasted Pork Belly with a Magners Cider Reduction; Smithwick’s Mini Burgers topped with Guinness Mayo, Pickles, Onions and Melted Cheese; and Harp Lager Mac and Cheese with Rashers, Garden Peas and a Parmesan Breadcrumb Topping. Other offerings, like the Chicken Boxty Quesadilla and Gaelic Steak Boxty, reimagine traditional Irish fare with savory modern flare.

“All of our new plates are ridiculously good, but one of the standout sections is the ‘Chip Shop’ menu,” continues Casey. “Customers can choose to complete their chips – aka really good French fries – with an assortment of sauces and toppings. Pulled Lamb and Peppercorn Sauce, Harp Lager Cheese Sauce and Bacon, and Black Pudding and Chimichurri Sauce have been a few of the more popular choices.”

Fadó Irish Pub Unveils New Menu
Fadó Irish Pub Bacon & Cheese Topped Chips

While the menu is new, and the beer selection is expanding, one cannot say tradition isn’t important. Fadó was created by a small group of Irish and American entrepreneurs who still run the pubs today. Even the walls and decorations, which were completely designed and built in Ireland then shipped to the U.S., bleed green. Fadó remains the place to go to watch a game of soccer, rugby, or hurling, or to challenge your friends to a game of darts. And of course, there’s the Guinness.

“Our Guinness is the best in the city,” notes Casey, “and we pour more of it than any other restaurant or bar in Philadelphia.” In addition to perennial favorites like Guinness, Harp, and Smithwick’s, Fadó now serves a healthy selection of local brews from favorites like Victory, Troegs, and Dogfish Head.

“Stop in for a bite and a pint,” offers Casey. “We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

Fadó (pronounced fuh-doe) Irish Pub and Restaurant was was originally designed and built in Ireland and then shipped to Philadelphia for construction. Fadó is distinguished by its genuine Irish hospitality, quality of its pints and craic (pronounced ‘crack’, a uniquely Irish form of fun). Fadó serves the highest quality pint of Guinness in all of Philadelphia. Their Guinness comes straight from St James Gate, Dublin, Ireland.