Famous Dave’s Unleashes BBQ’s Dark Secret: Burnt Ends Revealed

Famous Dave's Unleashes BBQ's Dark Secret: Burnt Ends Revealed

Famous Dave’s, (NASDAQ: DAVE), pulled back the curtain on one of barbecue’s richest, darkest secrets by releasing a new infographic on the making of Burnt Ends. Barbecue fans that may have once turned up their noses at the idea of anything burnt now watch hungrily as hand-rubbed Texas Beef Brisket transforms into bites of caramelized, BBQ gold before their eyes – juicy, tender, crispy and crunchy.

“Burnt Ends,” says Famous Dave Anderson. “It’s everything you love about barbecue, all in one tasty bite. Pitmasters have traditionally kept the Burnt Ends for ourselves because we know that’s where the flavor is.”

Burnt Ends – a long-held staple in Kansas City – have largely remained a limited commodity in the barbecue world, the intense flavor coming from select portions of slow-smoked brisket where the juices mix with sugars and seasoning to create a smoky, crispy bark. It was the portion of the brisket that pitmasters kept for themselves or served only to the first guests through the door. Until now.

Famous Dave’s is the first craft barbecue brand to bring Burnt Ends to a national stage and, with the release of its new infographic, the brand that’s letting BBQ fans everywhere in on the secret to their rich, smoky flavor – a feast for the eyes and the appetite.

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