Fast Food Workers Plan Strike in 270 Cities

Fast Food Workers Plan Strike in 270 CitiesFast-food workers in nearly 300 cities plan to walk out at 6 a.m. Tuesday in a bid to leverage their crusade for a $15-an-hour wage and sway the 2016 presidential election.

The group representing the workers, Fight for $15, plans to stage protests at restaurants in 270 cities, the most since it began organizing the demonstrations three years ago.

The strikes, which are expected to include tens of thousands of workers and supporters, will begin around dawn at restaurants such as a McDonald’s outlets in downtown Brooklyn, the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago and Long Beach, Calif.

Striking fast-food and other low-wage workers will then gather at local city halls in the late afternoon, kicking off a campaign to prod their colleagues to vote next November for local, state and national candidates who support the $15 pay floor.

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