Five Leading Cleveland Restaurants Switch to EVEVE as Their New Restaurant Reservation System Supplier

Five Leading Cleveland Restaurants Switch to EVEVE as their new Restaurant Reservation System Supplier

Five of Cleveland’s most popular and acclaimed restaurants, including Flying Fig, Tomo, Sarita, Lure and Square have recently switched to EVEVE reservation systems in Cleveland, the company’s sixth US market.  Eveve has emerged as Opentable’s leading competitor for live reservation systems.

Five Leading Cleveland Restaurants Switch to EVEVE as their new Restaurant Reservation System SupplierTimothy Ryan, CEO of global online reservation leader EVEVE, announced today that five of Cleveland’s top independent restaurants, have switched their live reservations supplier to EVEVE.   “We are honored and excited to establish our presence in Cleveland by announcing our partnership with these amazing restaurants,” said Ryan.   “Cleveland is one of Americas’s great historic cities and has undergone a fine dining revolution in recent years, emerging with one of America’s most exciting food scenes. We are thrilled about the potential to work with restaurants in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and throughout Ohio in the weeks and months ahead,” said Ryan.   “We’re very grateful that these extraordinary restaurants are making us feel at home in Cleveland,” added Ryan.

The critically acclaimed Flying Fig became the first restaurant in Cleveland to join EVEVE last June. It was soon joined by Tomo in downtown Cleveland, serving some of Ohio’s best Sushi and Hibachi. West of Cleveland, Lakewood’s most exciting new opening of 2015, Sarita, opened with EVEVE. Acclaimed chef Jaret Havanchak was next to reposition with EVEVE, with his acclaimed Sushi and Seafood restaurant, Lure in Willoughby. Most recently, Chardon’s finest restaurant, Square Bistro, has begun to accept online reservations with EVEVE.

“Now that Cleveland restaurant owners are getting the chance to become familiar with our cutting edge technology, affordable pricing model, and the ability to give restaurant owners an opportunity to regain control of their market destiny and customer relationships, we are beginning to see the kind of growth that we have enjoyed in other U.S. markets,” said Ryan.

EVEVE has made a strategic investment in Cleveland and Ohio, bringing on a locally based representative, David Hickey. The local hospitality industry veteran brings a wealth of restaurant and business experience, having spent many years as a key figure in sales and distribution at the nationally prominent Great Lakes Brewing Company. “The minute these leading restaurants switched, we’ve been deluged with inquiries,” said David Hickey.  “At Eveve, we understand that margins are thin and restaurants need a solid alternative.  We offer the best of all worlds — diners get the increasingly sought after ability to book online 24/7, while restaurants get top-shelf table management technology within a reasonable, low cost price structure. Eveve allows its clients to keep more of their money so they can thrive in the highly competitive hospitality and service industry.”

David Hickey

Timothy Ryan