Flame Grilling Products Launches State-Of-The-Art Website

Flame Grilling Products Launches State-Of-The-Art Website

“Normally, launching a new website is not a big deal” says Kenneth Theobald, President of Flame Grilling Products in Waldoboro, Maine.  “However, when you are offering over three hundred products and options as a small company, you need to either ‘go big or go home’ when it comes to the Internet,” continues Theobald.

Flame Grilling Products started as a small business working out of their family farmstead in Brooks, Maine.  Today, the company has a 30,000 sq ft production facility and ships eleven varieties of grilling wood chips, chunks, pellets, and planks to retail and institutional customers throughout  the United States and Canada.

“Our web presence needed to be “Amazonesqe” to communicate to our customers all of the varieties and options that are available to them”, says Dorie Clark, who has been with the company since its beginning and is now the General Manager of Operations and Sales.  “In addition to the varieties of grilling chips and chunks, we offer over two hundred options in grilling planks.  The challenge for us was to be able to communicate to customers that they could order 3”x5” grilling planks for appetizers up to 6”x18” planks for buffet presentations in eight varieties of wood,” continues Ms. Clark.

In addition, Pamela Theobald, mother and co-owner, who is in charge of quality control also wanted to have the option of selling many very usable but off sized planks to specific customers.  “In our quality control operation, over or undersized grilling planks have no home” she says.  “With our new website, I will be able to offer these grilling planks at a savings.”

“Our company is now a three generation company with the addition of our grandson, Tyler who has assumed the position of shipping manager and assistant to the General Manager,” says Mr. Theobald.  “Tyler has had extensive experience in material handling and logistics for a major big box store.  He has already made an impact on our operation.”

For more information, please contact:

Kenneth Theobald
President, Flame Grilling Products, Inc
2500 Winslows Mills Rd
Waldoboro, Me 04572