Flavor Plate Announces Online Gift Card Sales for Restaurants

Flavor Plate Announces Online Gift Card Sales for Restaurants

The team at FlavorPlate.com has recently added another valuable feature to their already robust restaurant website platform. The new feature focuses on capturing additional revenue for their restaurant clients, while simultaneously offering convenience to restaurant patrons.

Starting this month, every restaurant on the Flavor Plate platform will have the ability to sell gift cards online. This feature is now included with their regular monthly subscription. “We are looking forward to restaurants taking advantage of this easy and secure online tool to generate more income, particularly around the holidays.” says Holly, Flavor Plate Co-founder.

Flavor Plate is a complete website solution, which includes all the necessary components a restaurant needs to get up and running quickly, and affordably: A content manager for menus, online reservation and social media integration, website hosting, and a responsive design, so their websites are optimized for mobile viewing across all screen sizes. Flavor Plate also offers a free basic design setup to every customer, as well as custom design services.

Flavor Plate’s business model distinguishes itself from other restaurant website services, because its platform was developed specifically for the restaurant industry. Flavor Plate’s focus is on simplicity and ease of use, not only for a visitor to a restaurant website, but also for restaurateurs managing their website. “We saw a need for a solution that was easier to use than some of the other WordPress-based platforms that are modified for restaurants, and that’s what we’ve created—a very focused and user-friendly set of tools that puts the restauranteur in control.” explains Corey, Flavor Plate Co-Founder.

As a part of Flavor Plate’s mission to support a healthy and sustainable local food network, they’re offering discounted rates to all restaurants that work with their local food producers. To learn more about Flavor Plate and its mission, please visit www.flavorplate.com.