Flippers Pizzeria Announces Free Breadsticks When Ordering Online Throughout September

Flippers Pizzeria Announces Free Breadsticks When Ordering Online Throughout September

For many people, the month of September signals the end of the summer and the beginning of fall… when the sweltering summer heat begins to recede and when students revisit classrooms after weeks of carefree vacation fun. The fall is also the beginning of football season, and Flippers Pizzeria thinks that’s a great reason to celebrate.

From September 1, 2012, to September 30, 2012, the Orlando pizza restaurant will be offering free breadsticks to all patrons who make online orders of at least $15 through the company’s online ordering system, easily accessed through the Flippers Pizzeria website.

According to Flippers Pizzeria representatives, guests must simply input the coupon code “breadsticks” when completing their minimum $15 online order to receive the free breadsticks promotion.

“Our breadsticks are one of our most requested items, so we’re really excited to be offering them to our biggest fans and potential new ones,” said Kelly Pfister, Director of Sales & Marketing.

According to Jessie Malek, Director of Purchasing & Distribution at Flippers Pizzeria, the flour used to make the homemade breadsticks is unbleached and unbromated. The pizzeria believes the unbleached, unbromated flour is of higher quality from a health perspective and also makes for a better tasting breadstick.

“Paired with the extra virgin olive oil that we use in our dough (as opposed to vegetable oil or lard) and our breadsticks have a crisp exterior and a fluffy interior; it’s taste that our customers love,” said Ben Richardson, VP of Operations.

All breadsticks from Flippers Pizzeria are made fresh to order, served warm, layered with garlic butter, fresh spices, and salty Romano cheese. The popular menu item makes up a variety of fresh starter options featured at the Central Florida pizzeria, including Meatballs Ricotta, Italian Cheese Bread, and Fresh Tomato & Pesto Bread.

Flippers Pizzeria’s online ordering platform has proven a large success for the pizza franchise. Developed two years ago, the online ordering platform is an added convenience for customers–important to a pizza restaurant whose major focus as always been on customer service and the complete customer experience.

There are currently twelve Flippers Pizzeria restaurants throughout Central Florida with more on the way. One Flippers representative commented on the growth of the successful pizza franchise: “Growth isn’t just about building more locations, it’s about doing the necessary measures that lead up to that.”

“Fresh Honest Ingredients.” From authentic brick-oven baked pizzas and pastas, to handcrafted calzones and flatbreads, Flippers Pizzeria maintains consistency in taste and freshness. Customers have the option of enjoying a delicious Flippers meal in the comfortable, family-friendly environment of their restaurants or the convenience of pick-up and delivery services, as well as Orlando catering services. Flippers Pizzeria is one of the only delivery services offering the quality of authentic brick-oven-baked pizza. Online ordering is available. Follow Flippers Pizzeria on Facebook (facebook.com/flipperspizzeria) and Twitter (@flipperspizzaus).