Florida Favorite Miami Grill Partners with 2TON Creative Agency & Spearheads an Aggressive Franchise Strategy



Florida Favorite Miami Grill Partners with 2TON Creative Agency & Spearheads an Aggressive Franchise StrategyMiami Grill, a Florida icon for over 30 years, has partnered with 2TON Creative Agency, a South Florida based marketing firm. While the partnership may be new, the “fresh” vision 2TON has developed for Miami Grill is based on a bit of nostalgia.

“Miami Grill is a beloved brand that’s tied to many memories of growing up in South Florida,” said Ryan Boylston, Founder and CEO of 2TON.

2TON’s marketing plan for Miami Grill is to honor the quintessential South Florida brand. Focusing on the quality of Miami Grill’s long-standing menu items highlighting the food, and the fast-casual, made-to-order model that has been Miami Grill’s identity for 30 years.

The first order of business was the Miami Grill logo, which got a modern uplift while still staying true to the classic aesthetics of the brand.

In addition to marketing the Miami Grill brand to grow its already well-established consumer following, 2TON is working with the chain to award franchises to qualified prospects.

“Business is booming. We’re ready for more locations, to grow our footprint, and have franchise partners share in our success,” said Jonathan H. Vogel, Chief Operating Officer, Miami Grill.

The projected growth for Miami Grill is huge. While the original concept is one that’s tried and true, the brand has also introduced Miami Grill Express and Miami Grill & Bar, two new concepts, offering interested investors greater revenue potential and flexibility.

2TON will be leveraging the recent surge of drive-thru popularity and off premise dining, a category Miami Grill already excels in.

“Miami Grill has always had the made-to-order drive-thru model, so are already experts in this space. By integrating advanced technology as we move forward, this is a market we will continue to dominate. Now is a great time to invest in Miami Grill,” said Boylston.

2TON and Miami Grill began their collaboration with a bold campaign for Miami Grill’s New Big & Crispy Chicken Sandwich that became a contender in the infamous “Chicken Sandwich Wars.” The campaign featured funny ads, subtly poking at the “other guys’” chicken sandwiches, saying “Bye Louisiana. Bye Kentucky. Hello Florida.”

“To say I’m honored to have the opportunity to work with Miami Grill is an understatement,” Boylston, a South Florida native, said of the partnership.

The agency has developed a digital marketing strategy including social media campaigns, a new website, radio advertising, and television commercials. For franchise development the strategy will be focused on reaching qualified, passionate candidates who are serious about their future and the Miami Grill brand.

“We respect and trust 2TON’s fresh new vision for our brand’s future. We are excited to collaborate and look forward to what’s to come,” said Vogel.

By leveraging the present-day energy of the City of Miami and staying true to Miami Grill’s authenticity, family-friendly, and diverse menu, 2TON is achieving a creative, fresh, and unique look that reflects what Miami Grill is today.

Headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, Miami Grill is the hottest fast-casual concept to hit the market. Developed by the owners of Miami Subs, Miami Subs Capital Partners 1, Inc. and key equity partner, Armando Christian “Pitbull” Pérez, South Florida based Miami Grill embodies the vibe of a rich, lively city and serves a menu as diverse as the city itself. For franchising or more information, visit www.mymiamigrill.com.

2TON is a full-service creative agency with the perfect balance of creativity and technical chops. The South Florida firm never outsources, keeping all work in-house under the direction of their 20 person team. Specializing in branding, advertising, web design and development, photography, and video production. For more information, visit www.2ton.com.