Food fight for dinner reservations in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Scooch over, OpenTable, another party wants a seat in your booth.

A Scottish upstart that picked the Twin Cities as its first U.S. market says it is now generating more reservations for local restaurants than the industry leader, though OpenTable disputes this.

The new arrival, Eveve, has found a significant niche for a more-basic service that costs restaurants less — more sit-down diner than white-tablecloth experience.

“People can go to OpenTable’s website to find out about cool places to eat, see a poll about the 100 best bars and restaurants in the country and read or post restaurant reviews,” said Dan McElroy, executive vice president of the Minnesota Restaurant Association. “Eveve doesn’t offer that, but restaurants aren’t paying for it, either.”

Known only to restaurant insiders, Eveve has been steadily feeding on a banquet of some of the Twin Cities’ top restaurants. Hell’s Kitchen, Bar La Grassa, Burch, Smack Shack, Zelo, Bacio, Vincent, and Axel’s Bonfire have all transferred their business.

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