Foodservice Training Portal Launches Active Shooter Prep

Foodservice Training Portal Launches Active Shooter Prep

Online Active Shooter Training Course Developed for Foodservice, Hospitality, Convenience Stores and Grocery Operators

Foodservice Training Portal Launches Active Shooter PrepFoodservice Training Portal, a leading provider of cloud-based learning applications for foodservice, hospitality and retail operators is pleased to announce the release of its newest course, Active Shooter Prep.  The course is an interactive and comprehensive online tool that educates employees in the latest active shooter procedures and protocols aligning with the guidelines and directives established by FEMA, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

According to the FBI, active shooter events at soft targets will continue to increase annually and they further recommend implementing employee education programs in anticipation of these possible threatening and deadly events. Active Shooter Prep is Foodservice Training Portal’s response to this need- a high quality, easily accessible and affordable resource that is geared to the core level employee. Foodservice, hospitality and retail operators can use this new and important course with all levels of staff to create a corporate, universal standard for employee and patron safety.

The “active” aspect of an active shooter implies that there is the potential to affect the outcome of the event- based on the response. With Active Shooter Prep, employees are provided with a critical risk mitigation tool that allows them to increase their chance of survival through knowledge and preparation. Once educated, a staff becomes safety ambassadors for the operation- possibly identifying and preventing workplace violence and/or assisting patrons in the event of an actual active shooter scenario.

Employees learn about the motives and execution of active shooter incidents as well as how to prepare for, prevent and respond to such events. Content is divided into four lessons: Overview, Prevention, Response and Aftermath. The course concludes with a 20-question final assessment and provides a Certificate of Completion with successful passage. Whether an independent location or a large franchise operation, the course allows an organization to deploy a company-wide Active Shooter training program virtually overnight.

“In a recent study the FBI found the number of incidents in which a shooter opens fire on a crowd of people more than doubled over the past seven years compared with the previous seven,” noted Eric Webster, Managing Director of Foodservice Training Portal. “Coupled with the fact that businesses were the leading location of active shooter events over the course of the last 10 years- responsible businesses and owners must provide their employees with a standard of education that allows them to be prepared and knowledgeable in the event of an active shooter incident.  Our world has unfortunately changed- as evidenced by the recent incidents at Panera Bread, Twin Peaks and the thwarted New Year’s Eve attack in Rochester- but that doesn’t mean our industry can’t be prepared and increase our chances for survival in the face of that change.”

Active Shooter Prep has been added to the current suite of applications offered by Foodservice Training Portal. Access to Active Shooter Prep is available for $299.00 per location and provides usage for up to 30 employees for 1 year. For more information, to request a demo or purchase Active Shooter Prep, visit:

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