Four New Locations Added for Cuppa Yo, Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Four New Locations Added for Cuppa Yo, Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Oregon, Texas, and California will all have Cuppa Yo locations opening this year.

Four New Locations Added for Cuppa Yo, Self Serve Frozen Yogurt FranchiseCuppa Yo, a rapidly growing sweet treat and frozen yogurt franchise known for its fun self-serve yogurt and delicious toppings bar, is proud to announce the addition of four new franchises to its network. The froyo franchise is bringing two fresh locations to its home state of Oregon — one in North Plains and one in Hermiston — plus one in Texas and one in California.

In Oregon, Josh and Kim Pine signed for the Hermiston location and Amy Gibson-Groat and Billy Groat signed for the North Plains store. Krysten Polvado and John Thistlewood are Cuppa Yo’s newest franchise partners in Willis, Texas, the very first store for the state. California is also getting its very first Cuppa Yo, owned by Sunita Salvi & Deepti Singh in Dublin.

The new franchises are all expected to open by August of 2023, with the Hermiston store expected to be fully operational first, targeting this month for its grand opening.

Cuppa Yo Owner Keith Clayton is looking forward to each of the newest franchises kicking off. Keith and his wife Crystal expressed their excitement over the latest agreements and their new franchisees.

“We are incredibly excited about the five families who have partnered with us and their upcoming locations. Each group are exceptional people who will run their businesses well,” the husband-wife team shared.

For the rest of the year, Keith & Crystal and their team will be focused on providing the in- depth support and guidance that has set Cuppa Yo apart in the marketplace.

“Our goals for 2023 are to dynamically support each of the five locations that are open or will be open this year as well as foster a handful more great partnerships toward the end of 2023,” Clayton stated. “We look forward to creating a community of Cuppa Yowners that will enjoy supporting each other and collaborating as well.”

The brand is seeing more and more momentum. “We have several other partnerships that will come to fruition over the next six months that we are equally excited about,” he said.

As for continued expansion, Clayton specifically pointed out Georgia, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas as the next states to receive a store.

“One of our favorite parts of this journey is meeting these families who truly want a lifestyle of time freedom with a simple yet profitable business model that is fun, yet not overwhelming to own and operate,” Clayton said. “We find so much joy in helping these families realize the vision and lifestyle the Cuppa Yo business model provides.”

Cuppa Yo welcomes interested franchise buyers to reach out for more information on their franchise website.

Four New Locations Added for Cuppa Yo, Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Franchise

Founded in 2010 in Bend, Oregon, Cuppa Yo offers a unique and stylish take on self-serve frozen yogurt. Offering several flavor varieties and topping options, customers can come in and serve themselves with the pour it, top it, weigh it Cuppa Yo process. To learn more about Cuppa Yo, visit To learn more about franchise ownership for this frozen yogurt franchise, visit