Franchisors and Franchise Brokers can now easily find Business Partners for its Franchisee candidates

With a free, easy-to-use tool now available exclusively on

When Franchisors and Franchise Brokers have franchise candidates who do not qualify by themselves but who could qualify if they had a business partner, they can register and make a posting for a partner for them on for free.

The Franchisor or Franchise Broker registers and posts with their own name and contact information, but the financials, skills and other details they register and post about, are those of the candidate they are seeking a business partner for.

All inquiries and responses to postings come directly to the Franchisor or Franchise Broker. The name and contact information of the “poster” can only be seen by the site’s paying members who are seriously interested in the posting and only they are able to contact the “poster”.

“This is a safeguard to prevent frivolous messages from people who are not serious or who have no financial capacity at all,” said Kerry Mark Blackman, Esq., Founder & CEO.

The site has registered members with substantial financial capacity and/or significant business operating experience, who are looking to partner in franchise ownership. They are automatically notified when a new posting is made.

“It’s a win-win for all,” said Blackman.

Kerry Mark Blackman, founder and CEO is an attorney at law who has held business and legal leadership positions for prominent companies in the entertainment, international and banking fields. For more information, go to

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