Frank The Tank Set For 1st Birthday Bash at JJ’s Red Hots in Dilworth

Frank The Tank Set For 1st Birthday Bash at JJ's Red Hots in Dilworth

The King of the Queen City Still on Fire Going Into Year Two; $1 Hot Dogs and Free Cupcakes at Saturday’s Party

Frank The Tank is a big man, 13’ wide and a ton of Buffalo stainless, to be exact. He eats propane and breathes fire. Ladies and children adore him, and men want to be him.  He has a logo, a Twitter handle, and his own clothing and merchandise line. Quite simply, he’s the King of the Queen City. And he is set to celebrate his first birthday like no other one-year old could dare pull off: by dressing up in baby blue and setting everything that comes his way on fire. Because Frank, like any Renaissance man, ain’t afraid to show his sensitive side.

Frank The Tank is the catering personality of Charlotte’s reigning Hot Dog champion, JJ’s Red Hots, which has two Charlotte locations. JJ’s will celebrate their main man’s special day with a party this Saturday, March 15 in Dilworth. For one hour, beginning at 1’oclock, Frank the Tank will be grilling up $1 No. 1 Red Hots (Sahlen’s Smokehouse Hot Dogs). FREE Carmel Bacon and Red Hot (made with Firefly vodka) cupcakes, courtesy of Cupcrazed Cakery, will also be served.

“I am fired up for my birthday; then again, like the sweet North American propane that runs through my veins, I’m always fired up,” said Frank The Tank. “I was lying low this winter, but now I’m back – Who’s with me!?

Frank The Tank has become a Charlotte staple, popping up at local food festivals and schoolyards, where kids go crazy at the site of him. In fact, his favorite events are local school functions because his boss JJ’s Red Hots always donates a portion of catering sales back to the schools.

“Frank The Tank is a leader. One of our best employees – hardworking, dependable, handsome and rugged.” said JJ’s Red Hots founder and owner Jonathan Luther. “That said, we still have to light a fire under him every day.”

With Frank The Tank, JJ’s Red Hots catering business has boomed, experiencing a 1800% growth during peak season in 2013 before Frank went into hibernation, perhaps getting the necessary rest before his birthday bash.

“We have so much fun with this brand, but we take certain things VERY seriously,” said Brandy Newton, director of marketing and brand development at JJ’s Red Hots. “We basically live by two rules here: ‘Don’t Dis’ the Dog and Don’t F with Frank.’”

JJ’s Red Hots in Dilworth will host the birthday bash, beginning at 11 am in Dilworth, 1514 East Boulevard in Charlotte. Call 980-225-8880 for additional details.

Frank The Tank Set For 1st Birthday Bash at JJ's Red Hots in DilworthJJ’s Red Hots is the premier purveyor of “hand-crafted” char-grilled hot dogs and sausages in the Charlotte metropolitan area. The restaurant concept is built on solid, hardworking values and is modeled after venerable establishments like Ted’s in Buffalo, NY, Gene and Jude’s in Chicago, and many others. Still, JJ’s is true American original featuring house-made, scratch prepared sides and toppings served alongside time tested, revered American brands like Tabasco, Weber’s Mustard, Martin’s Rolls, Coca-Cola and Mt. Olive Pickles. Perhaps most proudly, JJ’s Red Hots serves smokehouse hot dogs from Sahlen’s Meat Packing Company in Buffalo, NY. Sahlen’s is a 143 year-old company that remains family owned and operated, and makes, in our opinion, the best hot dogs in the world.