FreshBytes Launches A Contactless Dine-In Experience!

FreshBytes Launches A Contactless Dine-In Experience!

Around the country, many states are slowly but surely re-opening their doors to allow customers and patrons to enjoy public life. One of the biggest slices of that pie is, of course, the restaurant industry.

As safety remains everyone’s top priority, the restaurant industry is evolving to meet and surpass the needs of customers and restauranteurs alike.

FreshBytes has just launched a system that is as innovative as it is convenient: Contactless dine-in experience, where customers scan the QR code to view the menu, order & pay directly from their mobile device.

Amy Wilson from HouseWine in Austin, Texas said:
“FreshBytes provided an intuitive and creative solution to our
Covid-19 re-opening. The team created a dine-in ordering solution
that is user friendly and suits our needs perfectly”

FreshBytes Launches A Contactless Dine-In Experience!

Dine-in ordering provides safe & personalized experience. 

No need to touch paper menus and no need to handover credit cards.

Customers order & pay from their mobile without waiting for the server to come up and take the order. Customer can see full order history and one- touch reordering feature makes it easier to reorder their favorites.

It’s safe, fast and convenient.

Streamline Operations 

Guest order is printed automatically to the kitchen station saving time by not manually writing on a paper first and then adding it to the POS system. No shared pens, paper receipts or card swipes required as orders are already paid for, allowing the restaurant to turn tables faster and serve more guests.

Real time menu updates 

Restaurants can 86 items, update prices, create multiple menus or hide an entire menu from a mobile phone in their pocket or a tablet, making it super easy to manage their dine-in menu.

FreshBytes is the only company that allows restaurants to update their dine-in menu directly from a mobile phone.

Auto Engage Customer 

It is now possible to retarget your dine-in guests. As customers order from their mobile, FreshBytes dine-in ordering system collects valuable data and automatically initiates a “personalized” message based on customer buying habits or encouraging revisit if they haven’t come back.

FreshBytes empowers restaurants with innovative digital ordering technology that boosts customer loyalty and enables direct connection between the restaurant and their customers.

FreshBytes system is an all-in-one digital ordering system enabling delivery, pickup, curbside and contactless dine-in.

FreshBytes is based in Pasadena, California.